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  1. For those saying this idea is bad, "we have discord", "or it's buggy" that's just lazy and bad reasons. If you buy something under this market there would obviously be a double confirmation system similar to the gambling one and if you think this is why we have Discord you're wrong. Discord trading just encourages scamming, private DMs is big influence of that and most new players don't know their item prices. Most users in the Discord who have the PC role aren't very good at it and give wrong estimations a lot of the time. An auctioning system on where players can take offers for a certain timeout is much better and much more user friendly instead of spamming the same gun for hours on hours in the Discord.
  2. Yes, as far as I know both tints and models are only visible to your client if they're placed on your model for whatever reason. It's always been like this and we'd all love to see a fix.
  3. I will agree it is a bit long, but think of it as a sort of index? Players can visit this post anytime they get a rarity of sort, they don't need to read it all at once.
  4. I'm glad you could sacrifice months to research the gun from Fortnite so Moat can make more money, gl in this suggestion.
  5. or add some real ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ content, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ last real update was june of last year
  6. Been suggested before and I personally have to agree. Trading on the Moat Discord can be very slow when looking for an item that you actually want. The market place could potentially be hard to learn for some players but it would defiantly be more rewarding.
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