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  1. People didn’t seem to understand me when I made my original post about lag. The devs have already tried this before. The amount of lag that came from trying to open the damage logs on a round where there are literally thousands of lines of damage entries causes people to crash among other things. It simply cannot be done feasibly.
  2. EDIT: Misspellings from quieted post made me think he was accusing me
  3. To much lag cause by the amount of info that comes from one round.
  4. Yeah remove health bloom drops and leave me with my perfect health bloom.
  5. Favorite Anime TV Show Movie Youtube Channel
  6. Did you read my post at all. I literally said Before it was a laser rifle it was perfect as i described in my post. Its first shot was pinpoint but shots after had spread that was at least viable. Please actually read my posts in full before bashing it
  7. 1. Put the VSS back to the way it was before they made it pinpoint accurate all the time. It was perfect before that. It had 100% accurate first shot fired in a certain amount of time. like 1-2 seconds spread that was viable at close range, you could actually hit something, unlike the current spread which is about 175 degrees in front of you. I can literally stand in a hallway and hit the walls, floor and ceiling next to me while aiming straight forward. It was actually perfect
  8. The one fight that was in this video was with a t that had 10 health, and didn't even hit him. He would have won regardless of if he crouch jumped there cause the t didnt hit him and was one shot from death anyways. Your claim that he only won that fight by crouch jumping is not true in that instance. As for other instances yeah it is annoying but this isn't a bug that can be fixed. Next thing you are gonna say is that people cant be allowed to crouch into one block tall spaces or smaller on headshot only rounds. Their head hitbox also goes into the ceiling in that instance to. It's not something that can just be fixed. You just need to aim where you can hit them or aim for where their head will be when they come out of the ceiling, or use a t weapon like the homing pigeon, banana bomb, awp, or freeze pistol. These are all one hit kill weapons and as t weapons were included to be able to kill people more easily when it would otherwise be difficult to kill them.
  9. Still sad seeing you no longer a part of the community however I do understand why you left.
  10. Up until a few months ago there was one ttc server, now there are two, but even still neither one of them gets full very often. People that want to play with jester will go to ttc, but I think the numbers speak for themselves. Players don’t want to play ttc, or they would be on the ttc server. I like ttc but Please update ttc, but don’t make every server ttc or ttc lite.
  11. No one will ever follow this. They will simply say Alyssa model
  12. Any damage to tester or det equipment is kosable go to discord and search For messages from both jph and monkei That include the word tester.
  13. @baked bean I was once working on a spreadsheet for this. But with literally every new event comes new skins. It’s just not feasible to get a preview of them all. If you want to try go ahead. It will only take you until this time next year to get all the skins CURRENTLY out
  14. As far as I am aware. Only 5 people had access to edit the sheet in November. Me, agent A, emi, lero and someone else.
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