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  1. Don’t know how I’m gonna get an item inside of an empty box but count me in
  2. Ok so let me go over everything in this post. 1. double xp requirements for player levels. NO. If it werent for the fact that quad xp was permanent for 4 months most of us wouldnt even be at level 100 right now. If you double it then it will take way to long for people to level. We could get to level 144 with the same amount of exp in the current system. but without the permanent quad exp it takes an average player at least a year and a half of playing regularly to reach that point. I know because I played semi regularly for 2 years and got to 106 before the wipe. 2 this stuff. This doesn't need to be fancy. Give players 1 crate for every player level and 10 for every 10. Doesnt matter what kind of crate, thats 190 crates total. Thats not going to give a lot of overpowered stuff to most players. 3. I have a few things to address here. 10-50 giving high ends. no cause we would give them 10 random crates of any kind as shown in number 2. 60-80 giving ascendeds, same as above also no cause dont give people overpowered/expensive ❤❤❤❤ for free 90-100 giving cosimics, same as above. 100 giving a planetary effect, Do we not have infinity paint/tint and can we not put them on models. If not just fix that. dont add a new item for no reason. Level 1000 giving a COD tactical Nuke once a day. ... ... ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For one thats stupid and for 2 its basically impossible to do. Even without taking into account your doubled exp requirements to level up getting to level 1000 requires 500,500,000 exp. Lets assume that you can complete all white and purple dailies and 1 green daily a day as an average player and can get 200 rightful kills a day, that is 40,000 exp a day, that is 12,512.5 days. Thats 34 years to get to level 1000 if you play everyday. even with permanent quad exp active thats still 8.5 years to get there. It will not happen. 4. missions. those all sound like either slight variations of dailies we used to have or copies of the even objectives, which as some players have proven, dont really pose any difficulty in completeing. Basically almost everything here is a no
  3. Thats the excuse all the EU players make at 8AM EST in the one 32 player NA server, but of the 32 Players in that server at 8AM 18 of them are from the EU, They could easily fill most of 1 server. Either way Its a joke
  4. Tell the eu players to stop playing na and we will stop playing eu XD
  5. The current range is fine although I wouldn’t mind testing out a range of 35-80
  6. That rule isn’t the only one. Just cause you see someone shooting doesn’t mean you know why they are shooting. Unless you see the first shot of the fight fired you cannot join a gunfight. The rule is there for instances where you see them start shooting without provocation or warning.
  7. Get a huge with a mag stat. Guns with no mag stat start with no reserve
  8. And I said that was the only thing that needs fixed. Did you read my post? Do I need to highlight it for you?
  9. You all seem to forget that before the ammo glitch, you only started with one reserve clip, just like you do now. You don’t get the right to complain and say it’s impossible when you have done it before. If anything needs to be fixed it’s the fact that weapons without a mag stat start with no reserves, that’s all. The could also try tweaking the way the ammo boxes and reserve caps work but we dealt with it before so we can do it now.
  10. I believe I stated that they are contradictory UNLESS he is responding to some hidden response to his title. when you take the hidden response possibility into account then that’s exactly what it would mean
  11. These two pics are contradictory. Unless you are saying the second part in response to some hidden response to the title. Either way you get meme crates the same way you get all other crates, through the market and by leveling guns. They are not excluded from anything.
  12. Every map that s❤❤❤❤s ammo s❤❤❤❤s smg ammo and lots of it. Everyone uses smgs so they are just picking it up before you. Learn the amp locations for the maps and you will see that every map that has ammo has smg ammo everywhere. You just have to get better at finding it before someone else
  13. I recently made a summary of how ammo was changed as a whole. This is what I posted in the discord. Here is a highlight of all the changes to ammo. You can no longer drop weapons that have a mag stat to refill mag and reserves. Guns with no mag stat now start with 0 in reserve. All guns previously had a cap for ammo reserves that could be picked up. You could start with more but you could only pick up ammo until the cap. The caps were 60 for smg and 9mm, 24 for shotgun, 20 for rifle and deagle. Those caps are gone the new cap is 3x whatever the mag stat is. If you have a 3 mag dB you can only pick up 9 reserves instead of 24. If you have a 60 mag p90 you can pick up 180 reserves instead of 60. Of the 3 changes the last two need to be worked on. As for the second of the three, guns without a mag stat should start with a full mag in reserve like other guns. as for the third one, I believe we should go back to having the caps I listed that used to exist. If not for all guns then only for the guns like the double barrel where the current system makes its cap less than the previous cap. dropping guns should never refill ammo again. That was a broken system to begin with.
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