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  1. Played 1000 hours on a no hateful conduct server &, just because they can, the people who played on it & even just stopped by would overdue it to extreme levels, it was easily the most toxic environment I have ever been fortunate enough to be in. No hateful conduct isn’t for everyone & everyone is the Moat community
  2. woah i have one with talents and stats that procs often
  3. a real prop would one shot, this ♥♥♥♥ some mid
  4. this has been acknowledged once already
  5. If it helps at all, the BWF that I lost was the only item that i lost out of my loadout the rest was a full wipe from the bug. I'm just making this report in advance no rush lol
  6. So I got 95% of my items but the only item I actually wanted is gone, my BWF. Genuinely could not care less about the stats or talents just want the gun itself back. Attached a pic of it.
  7. i mean ♥♥♥♥ ill take some ic Camdne#7323 ign - pm
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