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  1. Ice33

    Improving Assassin

    as @Zenotix said, If instead of making bodies disappear, the talent just had a 15-50% chance to make DNA disappear that would be amazing.
  2. i'd like this 10x more than the dumb weapon shards, Deconning for a potential crate refund is cool, + 9/10 times you wont make profit, it'll be a cool IC Sink.
  3. Last time i checked you don't have 4 hands
  4. This is already a thing, (Check s8n's response) sometimes it randomly decides to not show you stats of a weapon, but it's once in a blue moon.
  5. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:449910003 Rank Applying For: Moderator Why do you want to be promoted?: I feel as if I have learned the ins and outs of Trial Staff and want to further the help I can bring to the community. I am in love with being trial staff, and have loved the time I could put in as a TStaff, I've waited a while to apply for promotion because quite honestly the duties of moderator scare me, but i'm ready to dive in and help out on forums/in game more than i currently am. What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: I'm super active, i put in 80+ hours every two weeks (more like 120+ every two weeks but I want it to at least seem like i have a life) I am very good at diffusing a situation and being unbiased in my staffing decisions. (I may be more of a "Bad cop" but most players like me as a staff member, and i've done quite well at having the general public respect me as a staff member. I can also help fellow trial staff learn more about the moderator position and teach them the ropes before they apply for a promotion. I can also help new players learn the ropes of the moat servers in game without being a dick like most high levels. My activity is kind of insane, I got the game right as pumpkin crates were added, and i already have 800 hours on gmod/29 days of playtime in moat. Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: Yes How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: I will be able to check into forums at least once a day, I'm always home and always able to get on (unless my sleep schedule is messed up and I am sleeping at an awkward time)
  6. These aren't going to ruin the economy, they may make it a bit weird for a small amount of time because of all the new items and the community trying to find a set price for them. But this is now here near going to "ruin" the economy.
  7. +1, you get shot by one bullet and your screen is red for 5-8 seconds if your game just so happens to stutter during the red screen.
  8. yes but the m14a1 doesn't 1 tap head shot 2 tap body with 300-700 rpm, a scope, and perfect accuracy.
  9. these seem cool, but dear god do they sound cancerous on the other end, no offense
  10. stickers skin from holiday crate, boom ez
  11. no thanks, my tbuddies already roleplay as innocents enough i'd rather not have them last longer.
  12. Hype: max should be 20% High Value: pretty dumb seeing as they'll most likely be half hp/1 shot anyway. ShutDown: This could be good if balanced correctly, i'd rather not have 95% and be 1 shot by worn msbs's Ready: good idea Backup Plan: good idea Mimic: this just seems cancerous tbh Guardian: isn't this already a talent just different name? Inked: this is also a different talent, Infrasight SearchScatter: uh sure but to be blunt it seems like another talent to reroll through sharp: a red version of frozen, pretty good Roll The Dice: uh, wildcard
  13. planetary meme crate weapon 🐸
  14. With max froghopper you already go halfway through the ceiling.. so i'd rather not