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  1. The eggs are meant to only give cosmetics, im pretty sure the 2020 easter basket (i've seen the contents since people have donated for them) are supposed to randomly spawn as well in place of an egg, but i think they're bugged. hence the reason sometimes an easter egg that spawns on the map will have a easter basket model, but still give an egg. i think it's supposed to be giving a 2020 easter basket for the ones with basket models. Also would explain why this guy dropped one. (if you donate they don't show up in #new, so maybe they're bugged so the basket models only give a basket like 1/100 tries???) idk @cole
  2. High risk high reward, open cheaper crates if you want highends/ascendeds.
  3. Ice33

    What Now ?

    Gmod's update broke most of the code, but about 65% of it is fixed, still a lot to be done but it should all be handled relatively quick, Cole lives a busy life though. For the time being, the busted OP guns are fun to use, but the fun will wear off eventually.
  4. IIRC he's moat's IRL friend/room mate.
  5. After speaking to Shark I do not believe he was purp RDMing, He stated he saw you kill an innocent and what he stated matches up with the logs, Without a death scene to review I can't believe otherwise. That being said the proof shows thwomp didn't fire a single bullet up until he was killed, and was innocent so I will add a slay to Shark for accidental RDM. In the future try to screenshot the logs/shot logs as you did but also record the death scene if you believe he was kosing off of sound/location/gun. Locked and Archived.
  6. Shark has been contacted via steam and has 24 hours to respond with their side.
  7. To get logs please hit f8 in game and screenshot the shot/damage logs. Also you edited out the actual report format, please make a new report with the correct info if you wish for it to be handled. Locked and Archived
  8. Hitman's can survive two kills without free kills, you lose 75hp per kill you get that isn't your target if you don't have a free kill credit.
  9. Agree with your thoughts on beacon. Hitman already gets 2 credits per kill so idk why you want him nerfed even more,. the witchdoctor change would be amazing, making the role useful instead of getting a revive off 20% of the time. Survivor already gets 300+ HP if he's the last inno alive, and is still easy to kill if you hit headshots, i'd say 200 flat would be a good middle ground, but ultimately would make the role useless as that's only 2-3 more bullets.
  10. It has been 24 hours since i attempted to contact Bog Monster and he has failed to get back to me with his side of the situation, That being said your proof isn't the best, there aren't even damage logs to review, all I can get off of this proof is he killed you as an innocent, on your inno round. I will add a slay to Bog Monster letting him know about the 15 second rule/rules on doorblocking and people warning for doorblocking, And where he went wrong. Closed & Archived.
  11. Bog Monster has been contacted via Steam and has 24 hours to respond with their side.
  12. Under Review. Also, If you could provide any extra proof you have, current proof is kind of on the weak side.
  13. on stalker rounds you're automatically invisible, it's just bugged so unless you unequip all of your cosmetics and kill bind during preparing you will spawn as invisible 100%
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