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  1. comp tickets were being done for 6+ hours every day, problem is there's so many
  2. super rare extinct drops from specific event rounds seems like a super cool concept to me. like 1% droprate for the winner of a floor is lava round. and each event has it's own special 1% drop, etc.
  3. already is a hotbling drake weapon skin
  4. now i may be bias, but the model is sick af.
  5. What's wrong with ammo hoarder? if you let me know i can put it on the Todo list.
  6. except when i reroll it onto my G0d Famas feelsbadman
  7. I'm tstaff in question, My thoughts on this after looking back. - Even though this player was very clearly a traitor, you still had no right to kos him. meaning since he reported you, and kept the report. you got a slay for killing him without a valid kos. You kos'd him for "Deductive Reasoning" and sound/location It was nothing personal, it was a slay because you did not have a valid reason to kos. Personally, i would like to see deductive reasoning become a part of moat's kos rules some day. But as it stands, they arent. As for you said the same thing in pm's 10 times disregarding my follow up response each time and responding with the same thing you already said. So i told you to stop pming me the same thing over and over as it's obviously going nowhere after 5 minutes of conversation, and the slay long gone. and told you to either a) make a staff complaint if you felt i handled the situation poorly, or b) pm a higher up, because they will tell you the same thing. This situation is still KOS off of sound/location, regardless of the role the person is. Yes, It is kosable. If you see it, not hear it.
  8. i'm at 80k obtained and only 3 cosmics monkaS
  9. I recommend learning how to trade, Relying on drops is not the move. You can have a planetary or two within a month if you start trading up. or farm the event for literally free planetaries 0_0.
  10. also makes sense because he has huge arms.
  11. confusion has a 3-15% chance to throw a question mark prop dealing 15-45 damage all jokes aside this would be insanely annoying, should be like.. 2%-5% chance if anything. i'd rather leave this annoyance to the detective item
  12. Knight model makes you die when you spaw n on this map, only happens with knight model. just unequip it when playing on this map.
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