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  1. Knight model makes you die when you spaw n on this map, only happens with knight model. just unequip it when playing on this map.
  2. It's not intentional, after last night's script error fixes, high rpm guns and crates have weird delays in shooting/opening that need fixed.
  3. Death scene is (depending on which one cole is using) either built into gmod, or one of the only functioning death scene mods on the market. they're extremely hard to perfect and if cole were to try and make one of his own, it'd most lkely break with every gmod update. It works really well from a staffing standpoint.
  4. one thing about this though, i'm even against crouch jumping, yet often find myself doing it without even realising. it's just reflex to randomly being shot at. i'd much rather the problem be fixed internally rather than punishments handed out for it.
  5. I'd prefer no TE guns in the event. The reason TE's are limited to a few crates is because they're extremely sought after/strong. Unlike the base pool guns, these would be extremely asinine if made more potent. they're supposed to be rare(r)
  6. All TE weapons (these are TE weapons) are left out of this event, this is "base pool" guns only.
  7. 80% of the mutators gained are already used/gone, if you're going to wipe and give back the items anyway, the wipe would barely do anything. give it a few months/a few more events (that function as an IC sink) and everything will be close to normal.
  8. With negative range, and barely any damage. the time to kill on these rapids are about the same as a good cosmic/planetary, if everyone is running around with their insane pre-wipe planetaries and extincts, i don't see the problem with new players and other players using these for fun as well.
  9. The way they work on all shotguns (except slog) now, is instead of each pellet having a 20% to proc, each shot with the shotgun has a 20% to proc, if it succeeds then every pellet throws a pear/pepper
  10. You can already lose your t round due to jester dying, i'd rather not get d*cked 2 seconds into my first t round in 20 rounds by a SK that spawned in my cooch
  11. IF YOU KILL THE jester.. as traitor.. the round automatically ends.. Im watching rounds end in 2 seconds this is actually not cash money.
  12. Very bad, there are the additional TTC servers for a reason. Those servers are full most of the time with people that WANT to have these additional roles. the normal TTT servers shouldn't have this role randomly, and even if we're forced to be stuck with it, don't make it so assinine to play against (ie messing with weapon level)
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