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  1. I agree, he over-nerfed the ♥♥♥♥ outa them I use to have every rapid for all guns but traded most of them away because of the nerf, this buffs make them an viable and fun
  2. Did you even see rapids pre-nerf? LMAO
  3. So are you gonna post the shotty or just keep capping?
  4. Post it, because if it's not a slodge, you're just straight up lying lol
  5. Do you have a shotgun with projectiles...? Do you even own a good shotgun?
  6. The slodge is the only shotgun that proc's projectiles every shot, every other shotgun has a 1-20%(with a projectile talent) to shoot any projectile, it's not based off of the pellet count.
  7. Buff projectile chance vlc-record-2020-05-06-15h28m17s-Garry's Mod 2020.05.06 -
  8. Shotgun lovers are definitely in need a buff more than any other shotty for sure. But for the main purpose of my post I'm tryna get the projectiles on shotguns buffed to be on level with the slodge. Doesn't have to be every shot but idk why the slodge is nuts and the rest of the shotguns are just normal(under performing) shotties. Buffing the RPM shotguns could help, especially for xm1014's or benellis or spaz's they shoot slow for guns that are semi-auto.
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