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  1. @Thatonekid Thanks again for giving me permission to tag you. Just a few rounds ago, I had the same issue as above but this time I was an INNO. The exact same scenario without me being a detective. Thatonekid was present and he overlooked it, watched the deathscene, said it was fine even as an inno. So, how do we proceed because there isn't a clear consensus.
  2. @Saint Can't say I have since there is no specific response provided with a majority consensus. Unless you mean that the judgement I received for the scenario I had was fair and proper application of the rules by the t-staff at their own discretion? Then it's still up in the air about the application of a radar is a specific situation as that. I did respond to Ice's statement in one of my responses. Regarding their statement I am not satisfied. I believe their logic was flawed because where else could that player have arrived from and what other conclusions as a detective can you make OR i am getting this incorrectly in that I am not allowed to make conclusions in a situation such as that even if there is only one conclusion(being that player could only have dropped from the T vent Edit: Or use another traitor item).
  3. But it wasn't just deductive reasoning....I used a detective tool in a limited space with limited people. I don't have an issue with you, If i did i would've made a report instead of this post. The point of this post is to see to what degree we can use detective tools effectively without being slayed for it. I wasn't the one repeating the same thing over and over again. I was trying to tell you that your reasoning behind the slay of a position swapper, is flawed. If you can't zoom into the console or open the link on another window, the screenshots are on my steam profile. Yes, I didn't see it but also i didn't JUST hear it. I also had radar, I also had an environment where no one else could enter apart from using a T entrance which is kosable. I only care about the fundamental issue of the justification for the slay. I've seen rules being applied verbatim and sometimes applied in a modified manner, which is an appropriate response. You don't slay someone for crossfire because it is accidental and a hazard of a firefight with multiple people between the targets even though it is both random and accidental. The application of radar in this situation should fall under the same as a detective grappling someone and bringing them over a tester or a detective damaging a player which results in them using a HS and then throw a tester on them while they are healing.
  4. Yes, If the rules were applied verbatim in every situation without looking into context but the rules aren't applied verbatim, context matters. You're right IF i were an INNO, that would be a KOS of sound and location, and I should be slayed/banned. Again, context matters of those two "entrances", one which everyone can use to enter/exit while the other one can only be used to exit the T room. There should be an asterisk to the bathroom in inno motel because in reality it has only one true entrance that anyone can use while the other one has a potential to be used by everyone but you can get eliminated for using that entrance. So contextually, the main entrance is blocked, leaving only the T room entrance regardless of position swappers/teleports you should be able to kill the other player that appears in that area Only as a detective that is using radar because apart from this, it would be RDM. This wasn't a "random" death match. The whole situation was created to eliminate the random aspect which is why it bothered me a bit and I just want clarity.
  5. I didn't see the person drop but the radar acts as the eyes in that very specific situation, You didn't see a blip and now you did. I believe it is within the rules and it would also apply to that closet in the ba❤❤❤❤❤t if a detective is watching if anyone is entering that closet with no radar blip inside and if no one has enter then you see a guy come out, they get KOS'd. I think rules are fine but a modification to allow a detective can do with their tools would be a nice addition.
  6. The T-staff in question said that is what a higher staff told him and to take it to them about this. He could've just delayed the slay and asked them themselves. This is not the first time I've done this. The very first time i did this was a 4 months ago as an inno and I did get slayed or banned for it since i didn't check the little room in the bathroom . After that i've never been slayed even with mods/admins being on the server and me doing this since I made sure the room is completely empty or if someone is there and I'm an inno, I would keep my eyes on the drop at all times. It was just weird that the T-staff wasn't willing to hear me out even though he had the death scene and he knew I was a radar even with discussing it with him. Told him the exact thing but the inno dropping from a T room would still be KOSable regardless for a swapper but they didn't seem to agree. I agree with the iffy situations with position swapper but in the situation described above, those iffy situations are negated with the area created. I don't think the rules should've be clarified more so that the T-staff should focus more on the context of the matter in regards to the rules and items the individual has at hands. The rules at the moment are fine because they keep situations of RDM at a minimum because it is the same as an either or situation just like situation I presented. That either or being It's either a T randomly appearing or an Inno regardless of which should be killed because there are no other means of entering.
  7. The T-staff's argument for the small room was since a T can position swap with an inno while falling through the vent, that rule doesn't apply since it has "multiple" entrances but that other entrance is a KOSable entrance. So, I'm just confused on how to be a detective if deductible reasoning without a doubt is created. Like the environment i created in that bathroom where there is no answer apart from a T/inno dropping from the T room, and regardless of it being an inno(which was not the case) they are still coming out a T room is something that is reduced by an argument "You no see, you only hear, bad, u slay, u big stupid, radar no matter, brain no matter" Yea, radar is def iffy at the start of the round, at the very end even around 5 players is tough to use unless you have a tester then you can figure out who is a T but it only provides you to take steps with caution. As you said with the situation presented in this matter, it is an effective tool. If any higher up could provide input on how to deal with situations like these it would be appreciated.
  8. Here is a short little story If anyone here has played minecraft inno motel, you know there is only one entrance the innos can use to enter. I was a detective and I had immediately bought radar, usually the first thing I get. I entered the bathroom before the start of the round, and cleared with by checking every stall and the room by myself. There was only one person apart from me in there and he was crouched at the corner of the small hallway that connects into the stall area. Only him and I on the radar blips in the bathroom at this time and I was standing at the entrance of the bathroom and shifting in and out of the entrance and stall area. About 30 seconds i think have passed since the round started and i am standing in front of the entrance of the bathroom(so no one can enter without me knowing) with that one guy chilling in the corner and about this time the radar refreshes and shows another blip just entered the bathroom in the middle of the stalls and this guy comes into the small hallway, I immediately blasted that guy. My deductive reason and the detective item I bought which I thought would make this alright since I am at the entrance of the bathroom and already have had 2 radar checks ensuring that only that I and this other guy are in the bathroom. The person that randomly showed up could've come from the only other entrance which is the vent drop from the T room. Guess what? Homie turned out to be a T. After him i ended up killing three other Ts in the bathroom, the guy chilling with me was also a T. So the guy I killed because of the radar and me clearing the bathrooms reported me. I tried to provide my argument to the T staff, he said it was against the rules regardless of using radar, clearing the bathrooms, and the small room rule doesn't apply since there are multiple entrances into the room(one for innos and one for Ts but alright), and that is was a KOS of sound and location. I ended up getting slayed. So as the title says, to what degree can logic and reasoning be applied without it just being just a KOS of sound and location if you have a detective item that provides you a logical deduction in an environment created to have an either or situation(Either my radar was broken from the start and that guy is special or that someone dropped from the T room when the bathroom is clear and the ONLY inno entrance is covered by me)??? TL;DR: Rekt 4 Ts in bathroom as det, got slayed for using radar to kill a T that dropped in bathroom from T vents. Salty Post. Edit: Feel free to drop your thoughts on this.
  9. Cawbaghelele

    Fix Gambling

    Yea i took a 24k Bet and this is how it ended up. Is there a possibility for recomp? I know it doesnt seem like a lot of IC but there is a difference between earning 24k and earning 150k.
  10. In-Game Name of Offender: Prohibitionway moat.gg SteamID of Offender: Steam_0:0;62839837 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft EU #2 Date of Incident: 01/12/2020 Report Reason: False Votekick What Happened: The map was dolls, he was near the entrance to the closet near the staircase at the very top floor. He was staring at a player and just shot him and his body fell. I shot him and killed him and immediately died right after. Turns out he killed a T but he didnt make any callouts and was staring at him for a few seconds before he shot him. To a guy that just arrived it looked like a T killing an inno as it look unprovoked. Regardless that doesnt deem a purp rdm votekick. He didnt even go on discord to contact an admin. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Nope. Witnesses: Evidence: Nope unless someone goes and checks the deathscence but I doubt it'll be possible by the time this gets reviewed. Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
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