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  1. In-Game Name of Offender: Aether_Vial SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:491106226 Which server was this on?: TTT #6 Date of Incident: 11/28/2019 Report Reason: Vote Kick Abuse What Happened: I was vote kicked for apparent "mass RDM" and I served my 30 minutes. After that, I joined the server and the moment I joined they said "let's kick him again" and the vote kick was cleared. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: [07:06:43 PM] • Votekick Started • !votekick • TTT #6 | toby (STEAM_0:0:53698800) has started a votekick on window licker (moat.gg) (STEAM_0:0:84080210). [Versus] (ForehandMovie4) STEAM_0:0:159156774 won 31200 IC from STEAM_0:1:154217922 (Uber Soldaten) [Versus] (ForehandMovie4) STEAM_0:0:159156774 won 58500 IC from STEAM_0:1:154217922 (Uber Soldaten) [Versus] (Majima-San moat.gg) STEAM_0:1:84020238 won 7920 IC from STEAM_0:1:51821225 (Steezy Melon moat.gg) tohru (STEAM_0:0:53485623) won 1060 IC in mines. 🏌️‍ [07:06:53 PM] • Votekick Passed • !votekick • TTT #6 | window licker (moat.gg) (STEAM_0:0:84080210) has been votekicked by toby (STEAM_0:0:53698800). [07:06:53 PM] • Player Banned • !ban • TTT #6 | window licker (moat.gg) (STEAM_0:0:84080210) was banned by Console (CONSOLE) for 30 minutes. Reason: Votekicked by toby (STEAM_0:0:53698800) (Purposeful Mass RDM). [07:41:10 PM] • Votekick Started • !votekick • TTT #6 | Aether_Vial (STEAM_0:0:491106226) has started a votekick on sped (moat.gg) (STEAM_0:0:84080210). ★►Moat.GG - TTT Minecraft #2 - Official Inventory - Chill ( steam://connect/ ) is switching map to ttt_mc_teenroom_b2_a2 [Versus] (TheOneAnd0nly™️ [moat.gg]) STEAM_0:0:182509756 won 1094 IC from STEAM_0:0:243835879 (sure) [07:41:20 PM] • Player Banned • !ban • TTT #6 | sped (moat.gg) (STEAM_0:0:84080210) was banned by Console (CONSOLE) for 30 minutes. Reason: Votekicked by Aether_Vial (STEAM_0:0:491106226) (Purposeful Mass RDM). 🏌️‍ [07:41:20 PM] • Votekick Passed • !votekick • TTT #6 | sped (moat.gg) (STEAM_0:0:84080210) has been votekicked by Aether_Vial (STEAM_0:0:491106226). Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
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