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  1. I think it would be interesting if you guys implemented a feature so that when you deconstruct an item that has been leveled up there is a chance that you can get some of the xp back in an orb form that can then be used on a weapon to add xp to it like when using a talent/stat item. Thank you for reading my original idea.
  2. I just miss it 😥 (ALSO DISABLE C4 WHEN IT'S BACK)
  3. I don't care if it's July, just give us an option to turn it on! 🎅❄ Maybe then I'd actually turn end round music on again
  4. How about we just keep it and people control themselves?
  5. I think eu inv 100% is only about 8hrs so not bad!
  6. Crazy thing for me to ask, but could we get working inventories on eu servers? This has probably been asked before and for good reason, I don't really feel like retrying about 10 times per map change to get a working inventory. Nice one!
  7. As originally suggested by @Psi, replace the no equipment daily with an unused credits daily. For example it could be "Survive rounds with 0/30 unused credits".
  8. Thank you, this cleared things up for me.
  9. So how would removing the ability to boost maps we've never seen before help?
  10. I just miss it 😥 (ALSO DISABLE C4 WHEN IT'S BACK)
  11. noticed the "out of combat" bit but still a decent idea
  12. I just got my first projectile slog, don't do this to me you mf
  13. This is urgent and must take priority over everything else
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