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  1. If cole had a backup he wouldnt apply it till the glitch is fixed because it would just glitch out again otherwise. Still, we all are still speculating because cole isnt talking to us and his staff at all
  2. You dont even know if cole kept backups, and you dont know if there is no other fix. For all we know the talents are shifted in a pattern, aswell as the stat changes. If its a regular pattern, that pattern can be undone by code. Otherwise if there are backups, rollbacks are possible. Until cole gets the motivation to let us know the state of things, we can speculate and suggest into the void forever
  3. If you knowingly buy a glitched item expecting it to stay, that makes you a retard.
  4. All my guns are glitched and deleting all glitched guns would be unfair to me, it would wipe my inventory. Rerolling my guns to random talents/stats would also be unfair, since i spent a big amount of time and IC to reroll those guns. Fixing the guns is the best option for me, i have screenshots of almost everything. Otherwise if there is a wipe, i'd need about 10-20 mil IC in compensation to equalize my loss. Overall this is a stupid situation for me and everyone else, and worst of all is the lack of communication from cole
  5. In-Game Name of Offender seuss Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:98343519 Date of Incident 03/23/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description Killed me as fellow detective. Evidence Attachments complaint_seuss.mp4
  6. Psi

    What Now ?

    whats 1.7 mil compared to a 10-20 mil inventory
  7. Psi

    What Now ?

    You dont even know that the gmod update broke... it broke most gmod servers. Even if you wipe its not gonna fix the glitch and itll keep happening. Might aswell just fix the items and go back to normal
  8. Psi

    What Now ?

    Hopefully cole learned from the last time the game broke and he is now keeping backups. There will be no wipe 🤡
  9. I think you missed the sarcasm of this post. The whole point is to make fun of everyone whining into both extremes and cole nobraining about applying exactly that. buffing and nerfing into both extremes. Its an endless circlejerk.
  10. You would have to make skin files for every skin for every gun. Since theres more than 50 gun types and more than 50 skins. It would take literally months for cole to pull something like this off. It would be cool, yes, but its not gonna happend since cole doesnt let people to do stuff like that onboard.
  11. Why would you need accuracy on a gun that 3 taps body equally as it 3 taps head. Why should you ever aim for the head rather than the body when its the bigger, easier target ? Removing the 2 tap headshot would literally make the accuracy it has completely obsolete.
  12. Hello gamers, have you ever been killed in ttt? Ever been steamrolled by some idiot 2 tapping everyone while blasting through the map at mach-20 ? Have you ever thought that your opponents gun is too overpowered and you want to complain about it somewhere? Well... moat isn't the place for that. This is moat.gg. The entire point of having an inventory system with item rarities is that you get better items with time, that there will be guns being best all-arounders that will be overused by everyone. Everyone will complain about them and call them overpowered and ask them to be nerfed. And when cole nerfes the fuck out of em, the next best gun will be overused in its place and complained about. Until that gets nerfed aswell. It is an infinite cycle of whining and nerfing until everything gets buffed again only for it to start the whole cycle again. If you want true balance, go play vanilla ttt. But wait a minute... what is the real problem here ? What if we are the problem just as much as cole is. He listens to us and does unreasonable changes, like a cruel spirit in the bottle, that grants you wishes with an evil twist. We complain about a gun ? cole destroys it! We ask about a buff ? Cole creates an atomic bomb in gun format! Gamers... maybe we need to cut down our whining... just a little, but not completely. Give cole some air to breathe. Cole, maybe change guns with reason, not just full pepega omegaroll but not discarding them as if they were used panties stolen off some senile grandma either. Lets try and be the balance we all ask for. Thanks for your attention, now go online on ttt and buy my shitty items. k thx bye.
  13. Maybe just do 625 base rpm, slightly lower the accuracy, slightly increase kick ?
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