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  1. I clicked on the page for Unbans and the page is not showing up.
  2. Your In-Game Name: MajinVenix Moat.GG Your Steam ID: 76561198189519571 Which server where you banned on?: TTT Minecraft #4 Staff Member that Banned You: Console Ban Reason: Alt Account Ban Length: Permanent Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: I and my friend share a steam account, considering the fact that we share games like he owns games that I play and I own different games that he also plays. I recently was signed into his account unknowing and started up gmod, to hop on moat. Being that we both play on the server at times and I sign into his account at times, the game banned me. My friend didn't tell me about him getting banned due to some IC glitch that he got banned for. ( Tells me that he was an innocent bystander ). I got banned just now for supposedly alting. I have no ill intentions of doing so. Witnesses: Mxoda Moat.GG Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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