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  1. Yes, its a popular idea that hasn't been put in yet when it should be.
  2. Wh- how? Like why would items moving into slots in your inventory make it lag too much.
  3. Yes. No idea why there are two downvotes.
  4. Ive died so many times because im not able to buy a sandvich or any other t item for that matter because an item is taking up a slot. Please make it a feature to not have to get rid of the item taking up the slot and instead have a feature so that trying to buy the item once with an item in the slot it belongs to will not let you get the item but if you try twice in a row to buy the item it should make u drop the item taking up the slot so that you can have the equipment you are trying to buy. it might be a stupid idea for whatever reason that i can't think of but let me know.
  5. I 100% agree with all of these, especially Glock Lovers. I feel there definitely a little overpowered for a high-end weapon.
  6. The bonds double friend take too long to pull out, by the time you switch to them in a fight your already dead.
  7. Instead of having to right click a crate and click open i think it would be easier to just double click them instead to open them. 👍
  8. everyone upvote this please this sounds awesome.
  9. This entire post gets respectful points of view on the subject from other people who want to share there thoughts and i think thats awesome. (meanwhile i get the opposite on my posts)
  10. Cottonok


    I have no idea but i really hope it comes back
  11. if you would've read more then two sentences you would see i said i wasn't saying the game should be reaslistic
  12. @TrueDarkLord theres fov and viewmodel fov. viewmodel changes the fov of only your viewmodels aka your guns and hands.
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