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  1. With the evidence provided. We don't add any punishment for crossfire. Please provide a little more evidence like a death scene. You can all ways go back and watch them and record what happens. Closed and Achieved
  2. KARONAVIRUS* STEAM_0:1:166943269 has been sent a friend request through steam and has 24 hours to respond.
  3. @RoyaL moat.gg do you have any more evidence?
  4. This player complaint has been handled already don't make duplicate reports
  5. Comrade STEAM_0:0:515560461 has been sent a friend request through steam and a comment left on his profile. He has 24 hours to respond.
  6. Closed do to lack of evidence Closed and Archived
  7. KingKrood [moat.gg] STEAM_0:0:19631480 has 7 days to do a trade back or will be perma banned for scamming.