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  1. to think i actually have a higher opinion of harvy whinesteen than i do our own leader. atleast harvy gave a shit about his movies.

  2. screenshoted and archived this, no point in hiding if you plan too.
  3. 1 c4 per T would be fine imo. rather annoying when c4 gets spammed every round on smaller maps.
  4. if its anything like MW2 then please no that gun was rampant and OP imo
  5. sounds cool i could get behind it, though i would prefer it didnt do any dmg and just stole some health. if it worked like an glacias/contagio/ignis when you have to charge it and throw that would be ideal imo. idk just spitballing, i think the values need to be more fledged out but overall sounds like a cool concept.
  6. one of those weapons that might appear to be worth alot but you'll notice its missing a dmg stat and 16% cm is no good on a m16. it has potential to be worth alot but its going to take some investment to get there. as it sits as a 4tap m16 (3 with cm), even with sus and inferno, i can only value this weapon around 30k. it will require some mutations to get big money. but i always recommend getting 2nd opinions and taking offers u never know what someone else might value it at.
  7. im with it +1 and some bonds primarys would be cool too
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