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  1. Authenticating with steam followed with connection failed after 6 retries
  2. I really want to play ttc but it's not connecting. Only servers i can play on are the eu ones and they are not that populated so it's no fun. Please someone give me the solution. Ty.
  3. Add ironsights to tmp. By holding steady you can control your aim. Not having iron sights is kinda handicapping.
  4. Vss got the biggest nerf ever but making it unusable isn't a nerf, it's just breaking the gun. So let's fix the vss, here's my idea. -Low damage, it's a 9mm peashooter. Make it do damage like a glock but with longer range -Bullet spread is horrendous just fix it. Every other gun is good because what terrorist would use a bad gun. -20 defualt mag, pretty self explanatory -Low headshot muiltiplier, make it do 45 dmg on headshots That's my idea, let me hear yours.
  5. ✪Nevermore✪

    Exp gain

    Exp gain per kill is so f4cking low and non rewarding. Leveling up a gun is already hard enough but to do it handicapped is just infuriating. Revert it plez.
  6. Add a singapore or hong kong server plez
  7. Guess what every other gun in the game is good. What kind of terrorist would use bad guns let's be fair. You should commend people who can hit those shots because shotgun is not really easy to use.
  8. Goodbye yuplol ;( Nevermore#0616
  9. Yo how are people getting weapons from the summer collection i really want a weapon with PEW talent. Tell me HOWWWWW.
  10. Yo i think you need atleast 8 hours of sleep. Have a schedule. This quarantine is not end of the world. You still need to take care of yourself. Have a good day tho
  11. There is really no point of having holster because even when you have your taunt out you're holstered by default. So add a taunt slot please. Enchancement 2: Make the model visible while taunting. Ty for reading.
  12. I didnt crash the server. It just happened at random.
  13. Hello i was playing on a minecraft server. The map was minecraftcity dark. I was tossing tnt in the preparation phase because someone else was doing it. I wanted to try it out but i accidentally killed 4 guys by the explosion. The server crashed after i sent my responses. You can see that no one is playing on the minecraft eu #1 as i am typing this. Anyways forgive me bros a glitch is a glitch. Don't know how i tossed a tnt in preparation phase.
  14. ✪Nevermore✪

    Thank You

    Talents got rerolled and things are getting fixed. Just wanna thank the devolopers of moat.gg servers. Truly the backbone of the server.
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