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  1. the PPSH: looks fine on paper UNTIL you take into account the stats. a hypothetical cosmic ppsh could do 23.04 dmg at 1,152 rpm with a 64 magazine. if said ppsh has trig or cm it could shoot at 1300 rpm and 5 tap or shoot at 1.1k rpm and 4 tap. sounds kinda busted. the BAR: g36 M1: just an actually good m14 (buff and ill rejoin moat) KAR98K (NO SCPOE) SCPOE
  2. yuplol

    Greed Talent

    i think it should show all the currency on the map within a 60-100 meter range. this could be especially helpful if you have a coin or something like that
  3. ❤❤❤❤ you got me
  4. suggestions like this are the reason i quit the server id play on for 14 hours a day
  5. tbh make it always 15% then MAYBE
  6. thats doorblocking not map exploiting
  7. the "g o d peacekeeper" is not a unique
  8. just make it 100% chance
  9. you are an amazing player, honey me and your father are very impressed with your TTT kills! -Love, Mom
  10. i know the joke answer is "get good" but thats actually what you need to do
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