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  1. Pretty much every primary has a corresponding secondary. Rifle/Deagle, shotgun/flak etc in terms of dps, use style. Im confused as to why you would even need to have two primarys.
  2. I mean if it was a one shot thing that could be placed in the special slot then maybe but 5 seconds reload is still enough for someone to shoot and hide and reload. But to be honest rifles and deagles already generally 1 tap on head and they can be aimed and used more effectively then what you are suggesting.
  3. The problem is it is often hard to tell who threw the flash grenades, and this will probably lead to RDM, especially if people are blinded when they shoot back. I just think adding a rule like that will cause so many problems. If anything, the flash grenades should be removed.
  4. I don't know if anyone has told you this but if you press the R button you reload the gun which helps solve the mag running out of ammo. In all seriousness for double kills just headshot two people in s❤❤❤❤ quickly, or use explosives and hold the mac 10 out as the players are killed for the kills to count as Mac10 kills.
  5. I cant play the game without serious damage procs so I dont agree lol
  6. Can we rename the projectile talents to something a bit more fun? Such as: Ice Cream -> Soft serve Pears - Vitamin P Vines - Whiplash Bell Peppers - Dr Pepper Obviously I have no imagination but still think it would add some quirk
  7. How many nudes do we get in return?
  8. The thing is you are complaining now because you havent got tons of mutators or even planetaries but I'm sure if you completed the ❤❤❤ events and then needed to mutate you would then be relieved the mutators are only 200k and not 500k+. I haven't even gotten a single cosmic or planetary item yet but I'm happy to know that eventually I will be able to afford the mutators, if anything an influx of them was needed even if it means some players have benefitted from the wipe. TTT is primarily a stealth game anyway, if you learn the TTT fundamentals weapon really is irrelevant, just a perk.
  9. Just read the rules and dont get banned, then you know your ban timer is always at 0.
  10. Please make this happen.
  11. You should try verifying your gmod install and then trying again. Sometimes it does just take a good few minutes too, dont leave and retry during that phase.
  12. I just want this so I can kill him. Can we have some EU Leaders too? Like Boris etc
  13. From my knowledge Moat.gg has hired developers in the past and that ended up causing more problems in the long run than it resolved. This is coles work and lively hood surely he has the right to want to protect it? Especially with everything else that is going on right now. I agree something needs to be done regarding your SC and items and everything is being done for you and all the other people who have been affected but getting angry, stressing Cole out even more and drawing his attention away from the actual work he is doing will not speed the process up one bit.
  14. Ewww. Fed up with an inventory full of worn masks from Crimons. I would suggest the aqua palm as its the most recent addition. I have had luck with ascended from both them and spring.
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