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  1. I'm usually watching a movie on my other monitor or just cruising through youtube while I'm playing some ttt, but I also have my sweaty moments when I wanna rush my dailies
  2. Squirtle.


    Yeah I think since the hateful conduct rule was reinstated maybe it's time we get rid of the chat filter since that kind of language is already monitored now anyway. Would definitely help with reports and overall just not having to retype messages to get your point across.
  3. i want it 🙂 Not Brandon#4594
  4. he mass rdmd and got perma'd immediately. That was a short story 😞
  5. That defeats the whole purpose of using a model in the first place. There is almost always going to be at least a few people that have unique models compared to everyone else on any server at any given time. It doesn't make much sense to put them at a disadvantage just because they're using customization that is given to them by the server. On top of that, KOSing off models has never been allowed on any other server that I've played on because of the same reason.
  6. Personally I don't like testing even as an inno because I don't see much fun in that, and killing off suspicion which is what you seem to be suggesting be implemented does not sound like fun at all. It's fun customizing my player model/design and if I get punished via being kos'd because of it then why would I ever want to change my model?
  7. Yeah I think people should just be asking for several opinions. Idk if there's anything that can be changed about the pcing itself since lots of people have their own biases because they may own a gun that is being pc'd. For instance some people giving ridiculous prices on BWF or other sought after weapons tend to inflate the price of it because they just have a personal bias for it. Overall, I think people should just generally find several people to be pricing for them if they appear to be high-ticket items such as a lightsaber/Alkaline or really anything that people generally want bc honestly it doesn't seem right to be seeing people trying to sell crappy lightsabers for the insane inflated prices they are trying to sell them for, but it's also not right to be suggesting people to decon lightsabers (someone was actually suggesting that to a newer player the other day on the pc channel).
  8. It doesn't need to be anything fancy at all, just a server without dmg enabled and round never ends, where people could just hop in to chat/trade/sell/buy and post their items in chat to get it pc'd
  9. That would be awesome, they have a lot of those kinds of servers on CS:GO, just people hopping around, chatting, and trading/selling guns. It's all good fun and seems like a super solid idea.
  10. Like @Papa Bear said earlier, I don't think many people would really like this at all because it just removes any incentive to build up an inventory in the first place. Games like rust can do with a wipe because you can rebuild what you once had and acquire the same things you had before, but there's no guarantee that someone who gets wiped here will ever be able to obtain another lightsaber/planetary (anything that's typically rare). Why would I pour hours into the server if I knew all of my progress was going to disappear within the coming months? I would just be screwed over if I decide to take a break and happen to come back not long before the next wipe happens.
  11. I don't understand. What needs to be fixed?
  12. Stupid people will still see it as justified reasoning to kos somebody if they see them run over each body they kill lol, people already try and kos off the slightest indication of someone being a T.
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