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  1. Player has been contacted and has 24 hours to respond.
  2. Yeah it's been suggested quite a few times before, and I think it's generally just not a great addition
  3. When using any map weapon i.e. the axe on rooftops, the sword, the poison in black mesa, the person using it is accountable for any kills they get with it. So if you're an inno and you use the sword to randomly kill 5 people you're most likely getting perma banned for purp mass rdm
  4. That would be awesome 10/10 would enjoy
  5. That would be a really cool and interesting change, would be a pretty fun power up and eliminate the problem rather than nerf the jump by a significant margin
  6. my sg552 (comet) is very fun, near perf stats just ❤❤❤❤y talents sadly. still very fun and crushes tho
  7. This would be awesome, lots of the end round songs are bangers, I'm just too lazy to look for them
  8. All of my guns have been shooting in bursts since last night, including my sg552
  9. I'm usually watching a movie on my other monitor or just cruising through youtube while I'm playing some ttt, but I also have my sweaty moments when I wanna rush my dailies
  10. Yeah I think since the hateful conduct rule was reinstated maybe it's time we get rid of the chat filter since that kind of language is already monitored now anyway. Would definitely help with reports and overall just not having to retype messages to get your point across.
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