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  1. https://www.moddb.com/mods/firearmssource Was looking at some stuff about Chinese PDWs and I discovered this, if the gun isn't from counter strike source, they probably got it from this mod. If future guns are added, expect them to come from here. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Firearms:_Source Here's a link to the pictures of each gun Anyways, just a lil price of info to keep y'all entertained -father
  2. שלום, as you all know, I live in Israel. Unfortunately for me, my only current currency is shekels. When do you think moat could get shekel support so I could also donate to this server? Thank you, father
  3. Recently, jester has been added to the normal game. What jester is is a special role where if the jester is killed, the round ends. This, has a VERY large amount of issues with it. The biggest problem is the traitors are not able to kill the jester, otherwise the traitors lose. So in most situations I've either seen or been in, it's been very annoying for everyone. The jester simply follows around the traitor yelling out location and who the traitors are. I don't need to explain why this is a very flawed system. Another issue with jester is the fact the detective can see him on his radar. A staff (Squirtle) has stated that if the detective calls out the jester, it counts as a purp :/, which is like giving a kid access to a toy store and saying don't touch anything. Some fixes I can think of are this: •Dont make jester appear on radars, traitors already know who it is by the outline, so it won't effect anything. •make the jester killable by traitors, fixing the issue with the jester being immune to traitors •make jester the same as the TTC one, with the timer entering speed mode, with correct kills adding time •and my favorite idea, remove jester
  4. Father father#2347 Love you all ❤️
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