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  1. Oh and addition to items being lost the reason people are talking about another wipe is because theres an inventory glitch where half of everyones guns changed and became different items or straight up broke. Some of these guns and items have insane stats and talents like multiple thousand RPM and 100% refill and fortification. There's also stuff like extreme marathon runner and 100% cat sense
  2. I'll let the pictures speak for themself. Taken from #helpcounter on discord
  3. Believe it or not there may be another wipe and yeah apparently people are losing their equipped items as of five minutes ago so yeah everything is totally fine. Also @cole stepped down and now we have the beloved @Jerry
  4. Can we just make @wildmonkei the new community lead. He is actually part of the community.
  5. People saying people should be punished for using what they were given is bs and childish crying I agree with that. However, forum discussions such as this one aren't. It would definitely be better if @cole actually said something.
  6. This isn't "childish crying" this is us discussing what we think is best for the server.
  7. Yeah now that people actually want a wipe its not gonna happen
  8. It's not getting punished for it, its fixing a known problem that could ♥♥♥♥ up the game if nothing is done about it.
  9. I'd say so especially considering that the inventory glitch has been logged as "fixed" by dear old Cole even though it clearly isn't. Since this glitch happened I've stopped playing because I want to actually make progress that I know will count and I don't want to go around with items that aren't mine and are too OP for the game to be fun.
  10. Idk i feel like this could screw people over easily. Also idk how this would work with stuff like medicality.
  11. Yeah especially with the *cough cough* coronavirus going around, we need something to do while holed up at home. My school literally cancelled in-person school until april 20th and ill need something to keep me from getting bored.
  12. I hope you realize its literally part of the rules that players under level 10 can't play TTC. The reason they didn't kick you was because they knew you were using an alt and because they knew who you were. You already knew how the game worked. People who just start playing the game don't.
  13. Lmao if they're retarded they won't get accepted. If you think they are then simply downvote and leave - no need to comment and attack me applying for staff. There was nothing even retarded about it in the first place. Nobody asked for your irrelevant opinion.
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