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  1. Can you please add the map back? Maybe just disable door busters on that map, it's pretty simple. That map is one of my favorites.
  2. Where is ttt_office_space? I loved that map and I want to know why it was removed suddenly. It was here like 2 months ago and now it's gone. I loved the second floor and how creepy it was and now I can't play it ever again.
  3. only nerf rapid m16. the other rapids arent even that good with 2 talents
  4. When the round ends I can only imagine the mic spam and earrape of everyone talking at once
  5. shhh delet this post before more people know...
  6. how about we add MORE projectiles and MORE DAMAGE, THAT WILL PACK A PUNCH
  7. why the negative feedback im just being 10000% honest in that bbfs are bad and that the gauntlet is thebest secondary, also stop warning me for talking in staff caht its secret information and warning me is just islencing the burger king ads
  8. you technically did damage to someone and it registered that it was in sight of the turret so just blow the turret up
  9. everyone knows who i am i am the best ttt player and i love the gauntlet, the bbf sucks, ic warrior is best, i dont report people, and i am annoying my best terror city moment was when i was survivor and i killed all the traitors and they reported me because they suck at ttc and dont know the rules at all.
  10. where is comically large spoon
  11. hand cannon. I was actually thinking of this a while ago, but i say base damage is 90 like a springfield.
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