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  1. a Melee called the Spartan kick should be added, and put in the meme (now Omega) crate as a planetary, it should have a giant push force (maybe even a tad bit more than the lightsaber). It should also do reduced damage as a balance technique. Also this is sparta sound would be neat.
  2. More than fair, ive seen someone drop one in motel spawn and get 6 kills before someone could kill it
  3. only if it is made planetary because it should be hard to find
  4. i just put up a thing stating why the doorbuster should work with direct regards to this post. completely agree.
  5. @Spaghett7 you can get it as a t also. if you used your prox mine this is the only way in
  6. The map office has a serious problem with detectives using medicality + flame retardant to just camp the room, the doorbuster (which is basically useless) would then find use.
  7. I believe if all the DOT effects acted like pheonix in speed, it may turn around the mechanics. they would then be at the level they deserve to be at.
  8. Argon

    vote kicks

    Other TTT Violation i believe is a good reason for when someone keeps putting up kicks mid round.
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