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  1. Hello all! Thursday May 14th Update We have decided that we will be choosing around 10 submissions for this event. ... And the event will be concluded on the 4th of June. We will then announce the winners shortly after. Best of luck to you all.
  2. Hey everyone! It has been brought to our attention that when you are making a guide post, it might show another user's uploaded images in the attachments. Please do not use other people's images, as they have spent time and effort acquiring and uploading them. If you are caught using another submitter's images, we will unfortunately have to disqualify you from the event. If your post already has images that were previously submitted by another user, please go back and edit your post to contain original images. I hope you all understand, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Thanks for the question. We need them to be text based, unfortunately. Sorry if this may cause any inconvenience. However, you are more than welcome to add gifs and images to your guide.
  4. The deadline is yet to be determined. Will let you all know we have decided on an end date.
  5. Rugged Terrain Vehicle in text chat pls 😄
  6. Hello everybody. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this stressful time. I haven’t had the chance to formally introduce myself. I am Ken (or Kenan), I will be helping with the website’s performance and try to make the forums something you enjoy browsing. You may or may not have seen me on the servers, I play on the EU servers for the most part unless I wake up early. Our main goal for this event is to increase interaction between the staff team and you guys, and try to involve the community in the expansion of the website. I believe this event might help some of us stay busy in our time at home, and hopefully it will get your minds off things for some time. The Event For this event, you guys will need to create and submit a guide that is pertaining to either our Gmod servers, Discord server, or the forums. The guide will need to be informational, organized, and should have a nice amount of words (Don’t be afraid to use pictures too). Examples may include: - How to use the equipment shop - Basic item guide (stats and talents) - TTT – General information and walkthrough (roles, rules, etc) Basically, any information and knowledge which you think might benefit other players in the community. The staff team will select the guides which we find to be the most useful, informational, and organized. These guides will then be published in a new section of the website, while giving credit to the creator. If your guide gets selected to be published, you will be rewarded with $100 USD. You are not limited in the number of guides you can create. Meaning, if you create 2 guides which we decide to publish onto the website, you will earn $200. To create a submission, please create a post with your guide in the Guides section of the forum, with the tag [Guide Event] in the beginning of your post title. Submissions without this tag will not be considered. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if anything is unclear. I am more than happy to answer your questions. I wish everybody the best of luck, and I hope to see you around. 🙂
  7. I want to win because I have an addiction to spending all my money on unboxing crates and getting nothing from them. Thank you for the giveaway, hope to see you back. IGN: Ken Discord: Ken#9572
  8. I personally believe that the Mic bar goes down too fast, and takes too long to regenerate. I also believe that VIP's should be able to speak on voice for longer. This can possibly entice people into purchasing VIP as well. Just my $0.02
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