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  1. 1. How do you make the rng on that kind of powerup? Or all the blooms become the same -5+25? 2. Do you honestly think people will be less mad when it keeps happening and bloomers says "ye but I have a chance to start with less hp"
  2. I punched so many turtles in my life, please put some pullout delay on the fists
  3. Only way a boss round takes less than a minute would be a newcomer getting bullied in a corner. Be honest, boss rounds never last JUST a minute. And if we're talking hypothetically stalker has much less hp and would die even faster. Every boss round half the innos get bored and rush to their death and then you wait 2-3 mins while the rest of the people up camp and take shots from long distance. It's really the same thing.
  4. Every boss/stalker round takes long cause it's a battle of will on who's gonna camp the most. Everyone in every boss round is camping til there's not enough survivors to take out 10k hp from the boss. Removing the eggs won't change much at all, if anything it pushes survivors to get out of their camping zone. Boss rounds are usually longer than stalker rounds because of that.
  5. I would find it generally fun and it makes sense, especially dropping it and attaching it to your weapon of choice. +1 I'm just scared people will use that as another excuse to only play their biggest gun
  6. Crummy cradle is easily the worst popular map and I don't even know how people can defend it when they complain about snipers camping in other maps. Canyon's up there too but at least you can get chopper rounds 😎 I love the smoller maps, any ship is fun and mtt_resort is great. Motel's fine, it's just playing it 24/7 that makes me barf
  7. But really is it the health bloom or the ❤❤❤❤boxes and op gun that don't require actual aiming? People still spam crouch (ye go deagle tap people my man), iron man models still can't be hs and all that. I guarantee that a new player with +25 hp or even 50 for that matter won't be able to kill the op regulars. Their guns won't see the difference.
  8. Well it wouldn't be the first time that most people disagree and we end up with things people never wished for. 500 hp round being an example. "Getting no agrees is the same as getting disagrees." Well not really cause you can't count people that disagree that way. You could just say they didn't care or see and go on with your ideas. Just like in politics, you know, where more than half of the population isn't even voting and they just put this fact aside and go on as if everyone was on the same page. I do disagree with most of the points as it'll just push people to get one OP gun, the commission token going with it and then just w+m1 all day every day. Especially now that most people did ONE event and run only planetary. I'm not saying anything on balance as it's precise stuff that needs to be tested.
  9. I like the poll where you can't disagree but only agree the most with one of your points. Very thoughtful.
  10. Most people don't really choose the map they just flock to the first vote. They also tend to vote for maps they know and not for mysterious ones. And I can understand that when you get to ouh for the first time or crapwall. And clue isn't as spammed as the top 3 it falls directly under with the likes of 67th way and rooftops
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