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  1. I’ve been around for a while. Only made a forums account when ❤❤❤❤ started to hit the fan with this server
  2. That hyped me so much back then. 100% agree with this
  3. Yeah I realize that they have to put in a ton of effort. I’m just thinking that a refined automatic giveback process would save staff work and would help people get their stuff back. I’m pretty sure the first giveback process was automatic, as it activated when people logged in.
  4. I very much doubt we are ever getting our items back. The only form of compensation for the giveback failure were the comp tickets, which haven’t accomplished much
  5. The main point of my post was regarding the inventory giveback procedure. This problem does pertain to me. I lost a ton of items because I got nothing back. Also, on your point of “most of the mutators are gone”, I very much disagree with that. I saw players yesterday flaunting how many they had in chat. People join everyday and get hundreds of them back. It’s not like they are just used instantly
  6. I see at least two people per day joining and getting back 500+, I wouldn't say 80% of them have been used already
  7. I'm sure we can all agree that the inventory giveback was an absolute disaster, as many didn't get any of their stuff back or only got tidbits of their previous inventory, while others managed to receive all of it. This threw off any sort of balance that the server had previous to the giveback and caused a ton of unrest in the community. The economy was also throw out of balance when a small percentage of players received 400+ planetary talent/stat mutators, which have recently become a pseudo-currency of their own. I appreciate the effort on the part of the staff to create a compensation ticket page for any lost items, however it is evident that not all of these tickets are going to be even looked at given the current pace of the ticket reviews. Also, it is easy to falsify these tickets, so players might even receive items that they never had to begin with, thus creating additional imbalance. With all of these problems currently plaguing the server, and even causing people to leave it entirely, here is a solution that I propose to fix this: -Save everyone's items at this current point in the server inside a database -Wipe the server (bear with me) -Allow the programmers to have more time to come up with a surefire way to giveback items as was originally intended -Redo the giveback procedure but have it be way more consistent, also including items from the most recent backup in the database -(maybe) Limit the number of planetary mutators given to be 100 (I say maybe because I can easily see people who received over 400 of them be angry with this decision. Its just a proposal at the end of the day)
  8. I’m glad this was brought up again. I made several threads regarding this that gained a good amount of support but got nowhere further than that. One thing I’ve noticed in recent days as that these mutators are becoming a currency of themselves. People are actually selling guns looking for a certain amount of mutators, and as others have mentioned, these are being stockpiled and aren’t even being used. It’s like a meta economy that exists beside the already broken one.
  9. It’s been a while since everyone got their inventory back except me, when can we even except to get ANYTHING back at all? I got literally nothing back from the wipe and I’m getting really sick of being killed by overpowered ♥♥♥♥ that everyone got back from the wipe. It’s extremely infuriating and annoying. It’s obvious that this issue is trying to get swept under the rug, but I want some sort of compensation for my lost stuff. Many people including me didn’t take screenshots of our items before the wipe so now we are pretty much being kicked to the curb.
  10. I know a process like this can take a while, I just want some kind of news on the happenings of this procedure. I’m pretty convinced right now that I’m never getting my stuff back.
  11. I’m sick of seeing people trying to sell their planetary mutators at 150-200k each and they have like 500 of them, it’s completely unfair. When will something actually be done about this? I’m tired of scrapping together small amounts of ic while these people get it all for free.
  12. We’re never getting our stuff back man lol this will just get swept under the rug as time goes on
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