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  1. Im sorry to everyone but i lost the m14 in the glitch, it got too OP and i traded it away, the rest of the giveaway is still on, still worth over 1 mill.
  2. So I have decided to give moat a break. I have many guns on me tho and would like to give them away to other moatatoes. Things in this giveaway include: 4 tap cosmic aug worth 700k+, 1 tap head M14A1 (Brother of the M4a1 &M16) From the meme collection worth over 600k (hasnt been PCed) Reply with any memories you have had with me in the past, or just give a short statement why you want to win. Add your discord and IGN in the reply and good luck. Feel free to DM me - Jett_Ski#9079
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