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  1. In-Game Name of Offender ♥ Reds ♧ Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:460101365 Date of Incident 06/01/2020 Report Type Harassment Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: SirInsanity Your Discord ID Description There was memeing about Chell models being "sweaty", I mentioned that there are 3 Chell model users dominating the match as it's a trope that the top players use smaller models. The player reds starts to argue with me and oddly ratchets it up to a 11/10 argument. He starts spamming the chat with "haha I'm retarded I complain about. a model". I felt he was feeling like he was getting agitated so after he responds with the spam I remark that it became mad enough about that offhand comment that he decided to spam the chat. I didn't do it to start an argument with anyone so I try to diffuse it by saying "I wasn't talking to you". In the past I'd laughed when other people said "we should buy all the Chell models at an inflated price and decon them" so I was not expected someone to be so hostile over it, especially considering I was not targeting them. I again told him "I wasn't talking to you " and ignored the first time he called me a "monkey" as it may not have been a racial slur, some people use it as a generalised insult. I was amazed he seemed to really want to enflame to a needless flame war. I had told him "I wasn't even talking to you but you had to make it about yourself". I then remarked in chat that it seems a lot of the more angry and needlessly confrontational or "toxic" players seem to use Chell models. He then refers to me as a "chimp" saying "who cares about toxic" and saying "only chimps". When I respond saying you have used these three different racial slurs he calls me an "ape". I've searched the forums and seen he has been banned for harrassment two times before. I don't like reporting people at all but the level he took this too was very absurd and he has done it twice before. If he hadn't used the slurs a second and a third time I'd have been content to ignore and avoid him but he did it many times and seems to relish in it. I've attached a timeline of the chat giving contexts and then screenshots of him using the targeted insults again and again. He seems quite obsessive with trying to be as inflammatory as possible as a point of pride and the problem is he spams the chat when he does it and I don't think you can hide someone in chat, if not I'd have just done so and still enjoyed my favourite ttc server. I'd not have complained if it wasn't repeated and flagrant as disagreements are common and if someone is offended about a general joke about player models and is personally offended if he hadn't used the slurs I'd have been content to simply ignore him or even just further explain I did not address him by name or mean it to start a flame war ( hyper-competitive players choose certain models, that's the basic meaning of "sweaty"). I am very reluctant to report but this player has been banned for doing this in the past. Him calling me a monkey, then when I say he is behaving in a bad manner he calls me a chimp then when I say doing so is bad he says "ok ape". I do enjoy the social aspect of Moat Servers and I think it's important to report this as I've seen players not play as often after experiencing how some people act, I dislike reporting but this was flagrant. Sirinsanity was present (but maybe just for the ending incidents) you can see his name in one of the screenshots. Evidence I've attached the first time he used the slur and also the second and third times, the first time was ignored by me as I felt to give him the benefit of the doubt but noted it was likely a slur, when I discussed aggressive and unnecessary behaviour in the chat he then did what is shown in the second and third pictures. Please also look at this imgur al❤❤❤ attached which shows I did not incite him by calling him names I only discussed his behaviour when he was using that aggressive language and spamming the chat with slurs. I had attempted to diffuse by saying "I wasn't talking to you" and also told him to "calm down" but he seems to love agitation. I have not taken him out of context and I'm giving as much context as possible to be fair. I've attached the rest of the context in this post but also as a single file imgur al❤❤❤ in case the imgur link gets broken . https://imgur.com/a/rSiZgWT There you can see context to what happened in order. Attachments 561676838_ImgurAlbum.zip
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