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  1. The G o d Peacekeeper is an amazing gun itself i've heard and I had gone against it quite a few times but i feel like its way too powerful to even go up against if someone has it. So we all know that the PK is already an overpowered gun itself and a lot of people use it for that reason but if someone gets their hands on a G o d PK it means trouble. My suggestion would be to definitely Nerf it so that it is more balanced and people can actually go up against in in a game. Let me know what you guys think about this. 😃
  2. 80370945_165567057984184_1284009801181360043_n.mp4
  3. I asked a pretty, young homeless woman if I could take her home. She smiled and said yes. The look on her face changed, however, when I walked off with her cardboard box.😂
  4. Im just trying to spread positive vibes bro 😃
  5. Hey guys I just wanted to talk about the community of moat over the past few months Ive been playing the game. Moat is an amazing community to be in so far and I have made a lot of new friends in it. Slowly I came to realize that from beginning of me playing starting in April to now the community in the game has changed a lot there used to be a lot of amazing people like 2 months ago and there was little to no hate. Now there have been many instances and a growing population of people being way more toxic. I love all u guys who are always positive and nice towards me but there are people who can be mean and rude just for their own satisfaction. I just want to say that to those who are being affected by people being toxic to them and really getting to their feelings im there for you guys. Ive been through a lot of ha rassment in the server and I know how it feels so im just saying if anyone is feeling down and needs a little positivity and love im here to talk. My discord is The Cheif #7838. Thank you guys for reading and I hope everyone is doing well. Much Love, The Chief
  6. Total disagree the event doesnt need to be changed its meant to be harder so the economy doesnt get broken again like it did last summer and everyone got all the good guns for putting in little effort.
  7. its a war between me and him now lol
  8. Hello everyone I just wanted to say you guys are so amazing to me over all the time i've been playing on moat. There have been a few speed ❤❤❤ps with people being mean and rude to me to hurt my feelings and just lower my self esteem but that doesn't matter that much. For example I had someone tell me when I was talking about how my dad served in the military and what he went through that my dad shouldve died and nobody would care about him. That made me want to die and I cried for about an hour straight. I just wanted to say you are amazing everyone and I love every single bit of you for all the support you guys give me because when people realize i'm sad they always try to help and i've never received this amount of love and support from anyone in a game. Thank all of you amazing people who are always there to help out 😊.
  9. Thats why agent A suggested it be a T weapon
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