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  1. I have to agree on crummycradle why is it even popular? The only fun thing to do on that map is turn bodies into bread. I'm a big fan of 67th way to me it's like the dust 2 of TTT people don't like it cause its so popular but I feel it strikes a really good balance. It has a tester but Ts have so much power in that room with the T traps, the T rooms, and the close quarter hall ways. While the rest of it has a sniper spots in the construction building it's a decent size. I don't know I really enjoy it.
  2. Oh alright I'll try standing still for awhile but I swear I spend awhile standing still doing everything possible and it wouldn't work.
  3. So I'm sure most people don't even know the binoculars even exist, so it's just an item that lets you ID bodies from any range by zooming in on them. Here the thing it doesn't work at IDing bodies or at least I don't know how to get them to work. Are they broke? If so can we fix them? That'd be great thank you.
  4. I want some good guns too
  5. I'm just trying to make the game more balance nothing about my personal issues. I use health bloom myself and feel like it's a need. It's health bloom or you face against people that can have up to 25 HP more then you. I just want to make the other perks more viable.
  6. I was thinking about that too but it would be really hard for Ts since it usually takes a while to kill other players and they would lose every fight against any group of players. Maybe they get unlimited knives but then that would be too powerful for Ts so idk.
  7. I hope I haven't started a war for TF2 and Overwatch players both games have there own community and have there own pros or cons. I am more of a fan towards TF2 but just want to make sure you're welcome to like either game for your own reasons.
  8. I'm sure this has already been made but I never go into a game without someone complaining about it so can we just nerf it already. Maybe make it 5-15% health boost or rework it to have a different kind of boost all together. like reduced body damage or something.
  9. Yes give me poker I would play that more then the actual game
  10. The gambling options we have I feel are really boring now. Maybe we can add some more options? Could bring back a good jackpot system. Maybe slots? Some kind of cash game poker system where players can play hands and cash out at anytime. If you guys got any other ideas comment them maybe it'll get added.
  11. I know both these game are old and outdated just curious if anyone has a preference
  12. Not completely new but still worth saying hi
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