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  1. I agree. Adding Jester to TTT makes it become TTC. The gametypes should remain separate.
  2. Because players are very attentive to rules so that they are not wronged, I believe they will also be attentive to this rule if it is explicitly stated. You may not KOS on a player's model ALONE, but must identify unique gear on the player's model to broadcast a KOS.
  3. Thanks community and staff member for responding. I do still need some input on the bit about the Visualizer. I would still like to argue the case of model, location, sound with an example. If you are familiar with the map minecraft city. You will know that there is a tunnel in the main house which has only one other entrance from outside of the walled perimeter. I go down to and hear someone get gunned down. I quickly find an unidentified body to see that the person died 3-4 seconds ago. At this point I know that I would have run into the killer so they must be heading to the other exit. I pull out my feathered pickaxe to find the killer fixing to climb up the other entrance's ladder. I shoot him and he is the traitor. I used both sound and location to identify the obvious. My point is that there are very obvious situations where a player should be allowed to shoot someone. I understand to allow this would leave a lot of gray area. That is why I suggested that it be on a case by case basis. If someone is killing a player because 'they were running too fast,' that should be considered a ridiculous reason and justly punished by staff. I understand it can leave some gray area that give the staff a little bit of extra work to figure out a situation, but I think it would be best so we don't have to throw away our reason and common sense. In regards to model. There SHOULD be the ability to KOS a player not by the model ALONE, but by the GEAR that is on the model. If I see Alyx Model with a sideways blue hat, glasses, and a giant green backpack on, there should be a legal KOS. For example: KOS the player with the Alyx model! WRONG KOS the player with the Alyx model with the blue hat, green backpack and glasses. RIGHT This solution will keep accidental killing of innos from happening. Other community and staff members please chip in your two cents! Thanks for the responses again.
  4. Gentlemen (and ladies), I would like to bring some gameplay rules to light and my goal in this discussion is to have the MOAT community and staff to consider and possibly have these rules modified. I would also like to bring up a clearer understanding of what Random Deathmatch is. I am not here to complain about these rules. I am here to discuss. To debate even, but not argue to the point of name-calling. That being said, the rules and topics I have in mind are as follows: -Players may not be killed who do not wish to test. -Players may not kill others based off of location, model, and sound (sound is not written in the rules). -Players may not kill those who chuck or mess with detective gear as long as it is accessible (no where found in rules) -RDM and the settings/dynamics of TTT. Players may not be killed who do not wish to test I'm certain that I do not need to explain the dynamics of TTT. An innocent who does not want to test should be considered a traitor. 99.9% of the time the player that does not want to test is a traitor. I believe when we give innocents the 'right' to test or not takes away from the game of TTT. Innocents should want to find out who the traitors are. If this were not a rule, then innocents who do not want to test would in a sense actually be T-baiting and not playing the game as it should be played. I believe this rule restricts a player's use of their common sense and must wait until a traitor begins filling them with lead before they can defend themselves. Players may not kill others who mess with a detective’s gear. The instance I have in mind is the portable tester, which may be picked up and thrown across the map. I have been told by staff that you may not kill a player who is doing this to your gear. I believe I do not need to go into detail why I don’t believe this should be a rule. Players may not kill others based off of location, model, and sound (though sound is not written there) I've thought about the other side of the argument and can understand that there can be players who would take advantage of this if this were not a rule. Players looking to get away with RDM. But I believe this rule still restricts a player's use of their common sense and leaves the player having to wait to be shot by a traitor before they can do anything. A player may know full well that someone is a traitor, but knows they cannot do anything about it because they are restricted by this rule. I believe a middle ground should be a case by case basis. There are cases that are obvious and there are cases that are far fetched and should not have happened. And a thing to add: If we cannot kill off sound, why is there a need for a talent such as depression? In regards to player model. I believe a model void of all gear should not be KOS’able as we cannot be sure. But a certain model wearing certain gear should be kos’able regardless if we can see the name. I understand that we want our models and gear to look cool without putting us at a disadvantage, but it blatantly makes us disregard our reason and common sense. Also to add, there is a handy detective tool called the Visualizer. The Visualizer shows a murder scene and not only shows the model of the killer, but all the gear that the player is wearing such as hats and backpacks, with this rule in place it renders the tool nearly useless. RDM and the settings of TTT As I have played I have heard the term RDM (Random Deathmatch) get thrown around a lot and I believe that it can be used a lot and lose it's actual meaning. Random Deathmatch as the name shows is random, without reason, at least without reason pertaining to the game. I have heard players say that they have RDM'ed someone else on accident because they were sure that they were a traitor or they just misunderstood completely. I politely think that this is wrong. The settings of TTT is a group of players who are predominately innocent but have a few traitors amongst themselves. These innocents do not know who is really innocent and who is really a traitor. Because of this dynamic of the game, there are bound to be mistakes made, and that is part of the game. That is something that traitors depend on. There is bound to be confusion and confusion is part of the game. I have seen 'innocent' players with great reason or at least a legitimate reason for mowing down another player (who turns out to be innocent) and then get penalized by a staff member. I believe the player who did the killing in this situation has no intention to RDM and did not RDM and should not be punished. To wrap up, I would very much like some of these rules to be modified, but also I would like clarification on these rules that are not written. It has the potential to breed rules that aren’t right or logical but are adopted by those who run into them. Thanks community and staff for reading and considering.
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