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  1. there are kinda rare and underrated and should be buffed
  2. yes but when i watch them i can easily get confused
  3. i think they should fix the quality of death scene cuz every time i see it it just looks like a cover of a bad Micheal Jackson official video
  4. imagine a guy came before the wipe and he had like 100 planetarys
  5. a new talent for only melee sound kinda weird or stupid
  6. that would look ugly im sorry
  7. yes recently i barely can lvl up guns it took me hours to lvl up a gun to 10 to 17
  8. would be cool if there golden loot crate or something for an event and all of the guns are golden in color and a new special type of gun
  9. the jester cant get called out by the detective unless the jester hit them they can only say that there is a jester in the round and remove jester ffs
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