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  1. everyone gagged and muted is a good idea
  2. make sure to get recordings or screenshots of the person saying the price or a screenshot of someone saying temp or loan LOANS and temps when giving someone a loan make sure in the trade the specific date and the amount and recipient's agreement of the loan to avoid getting scammed . when getting a loan agreeing it makes you in debt :"( and when getting a loan make sure to PAY back and if you dont well you get trade banned . giving a wep for someone to give it to them for a short time make sure you say temp and them agreeing taking a wep to try out give it back. because its like not cool to not give it back. because you agreed to it trade banned people who has been trade banned talked me and said getting trade banned makes moat boring and you wont be able to get more ic and you have to decon planeteries to get planet stats/talent to make your wepeon better but when realise that your trade banned you wont be able to get the guns you wanted you have to be really lucky to get them and you know waiting like a month for a cosmic/planet which is prob is like a spasinator or a tint, paint,skin which you never wanted and has no use but makes it looks cooler people sell these to get ic but you wont be able to do that because you know? and you have no use for ic but to buy crates trading up there is a difference between scamming and how much ic you wanted to sell the item you selling an item for really cheap and you didn't know the price but sold it already and tried to get the item back by making a trade ban request is buyers remorse selling an item make sure to pc it because you not knowing the price and selling it the buyer is not scamming because he offered and you took it its not scamming because your the one who took it you had the choice not to him lying! about the price is scamming but if you took an offer that he made is not -jerry
  3. i think there should be a chance that a talent/stat has a chance to work like 10% chance to get destroyed instead because it always says planetery stats/planetery talents or any rarity has been successfully used they should make it high end talent/ stats failed to mutate
  4. she looks very happy 😄
  5. da mn ill take a worn any day im in
  6. Making anomaly is bad getting a chance to get one of the best weapon on moat is gonna be bad ruining everyone's fun because there this one dude who has one the best guns on moat because he rerolled it and got something like one of the best weapon that had max trig and max prox chance with max damage projectile and double leech or inferno please it hard to sleep to think about that and imagine if he kept using that everytime
  7. making every gun expensive is not a good idea you haven't thought about how this will change moat. what will happen if we already have wepeons which are good will it change the talents automatically with the anomaly and attributes addition? if Cole added anomaly is there a chance that my guns or gun will have one? and if it did will it change the talents of my wepeon? if they added commission tokens how expensive would it be? why would they nerf the sako isn't it already a balanced gun? and changes to the lovers wepeons will it make the gun way to expensive or it will make the guns decon? answer these question and i may find your idea intresting.
  8. adding attributes will make the guns even more expensive which will be the downfall of moat there people will try to buy them for millions and people wont even have ic at this point. commission tokens is a good idea . and anomaly is just a bad idea maxing out the talents will be a disaster. if they got a G O D anomaly wepeon like a shotgun with double inferno or double leech if these guys are maxed it'll just be one of the most expensive guns on moat and it'll ruin other people experience with tryhards using these guns just to ruin other people's fun. the balancing is kinda good and bad making them balanced will be just no good. if they made big changes to these kind of wepeons that a lot of people use. they will just quit moat. but balancing it is good is actually good because people can have fun now with the wepeons balanced and not a tryhard blast's you with a rapid cz with trig and boom while your on the 4th kill of your penta.
  9. filthy healthbloom and using planetery as your primary oh you just doing your event? penta go bye bye
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