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  1. Why can't i say Spawn Or Space
  2. it'd be a good idea for the 25th when star wars came out
  3. So Mei's Ultimate from Overwatch?
  4. Here's a mockup i made One Two.mp4
  5. @Zesty_ im talking about just the primary attack, just a quick "tap tap" with pushing itd be crazy because any melee pushing anybody midair is nuts. But, if you had One Two with a dragon melee that could be funny
  6. it's just you have a chance to instantly strike twice with a melee weapon, not much to explain but i think it sounds fun
  7. my chair is so worn out that i really need a new one, but non essential cant afford
  8. Don't judge manhack people, judge mass decon people
  9. Too expensive, Too stinky, Bad Crate
  10. are you sure you're not thinking of Copycat? because that's what my MSBS does
  11. I like stuff let me in on this Discord is Sable-Able#0664
  12. Really like the witch, sounds awesome
  13. They're returning home, back to Manhacktopia
  14. @Stevenfinite as long as it's not with one of those stupid pear guns, i'm cool with it honestly
  15. @Stevenfinite bad habbit, i should have read the rest before replying lol
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