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  1. its fun to be sweaty
  2. Dang I'll ask around about it then. Thanks.
  3. General, second from last bullet point.
  4. The surreal nature of this post is a true testament to the expressiveness of modern art. No words are needed to show his emotions other than song lyrics copied and pasted from Genius, a picture of annoying orange, and a video of a trick shot on Dolls.
  5. If you figure out whether it's still true or not please let me know so I can edit the guide.
  6. The Absolute Beginner Guide to Moat.gg TTT Note: Obviously this is not a guide for experienced players, and it does not cover everything in the game. Read the other guides for more detailed explanations on items and game mechanics. Quick Summary: I just got a rare item? You will sometimes get a rare-item popup. You can ask experienced players if what you got is valuable, but always get a second opinion. Why can't I buy C4? Some maps have C4 disabled due to the small size of said map. How do I PM people? !pm (playername) Why don't I spawn in? Check to see if you are in spectate mode Inventory Press i to open Yes, your guns are permanent and you have infinite inventory space Lock everything you don’t want to lose If you get an endless receiving inventory error, rejoin the server Right click crates to open them Is this pay to win? No, but it certainly will feel like it when you start out You can easily get ic (inventory credits) You can buy just about everything for ic including VIP, Crates, and Items How do I get good guns? Open 50/50 crates in the market tab in the inventory(i) Get ic by doing dailies, deconstructing items (right click or ctrl+click on items), or trading and use it to buy guns. To get more bang-for-your-buck, you can sell high ends(red items) for 2.5k ic to players advertising in chat Suggested Settings Go to your inventory(i) and then your settings tab General: End Round Music: Off Crank up the FOV to something more comfortable Gameplay: Automatically Bunny Hop: On If you have a bad computer keep everything with (FPS Impact) off Inventory: Instantly Open Crates On Open: On (Unless you want the dopamine rush) Chat: Minimum Rarity Required: Ascended/Cosmic/Planetary Reduces chat clutter I have no idea what I’m doing? Hotkeys of importance: i to open inventory c to open traitor and detective menu c also opens the end round report from the end of the round to the end of the next round's pre-round. F8 to open the damage logs x to talk in voice chat q to drop your current gun (you must drop your primary to pick up another primary and vice versa for your secondary) z to drop the ammo in your current gun Issues with hotkeys? Refer to section 4. Read through the F1 menu to learn about TTT itself Read through the F3 menu for general guidelines Read through this guide: https://moat.gg/community/topic/17292-ttt-guidelines/ for more specific situations As a new player, it is recommended that you disable detective (F1 > settings > Avoid being selected as detective) until you get more experienced with the game Errors? https://moat.gg/ttt/motd/content.php What’s up with the chat? At this time, the chat has a filter set in place that filters out certain words and prevents caps lock unless using ttt callouts. As a consequence the chat filter also intercepts words like hello. Jester? Covered in the F1 menu. Weapon stats? If you hover over a weapon and hold down ctrl, it will show the least possible value and greatest possible value for the stat of a weapon. For this talent, the POSSIBLE percentage it can get is 10% to 25%. The TRUE percentage is 23.2%. The POSSIBLE percentage is a reference to the percentage chance that the talent can get and doesn't affect the gun in any way. Also, as you use weapons they level up. You need to level up weapons to use their talents. For example, the talent above requires level 16 to be usable. Table of Contents (ctrl + F): What is this? Inventory and you Why do I suck so much? Why am I getting bugs (or lag)? WTF are people talking about? What is this? You might have stumbled upon Moat.gg because of this: Moat.gg is a TTT focused community with an inventory and leveling system to keep things fresh. This experience is not for everyone, and it may take some time to get used to the gameplay features present on this server. Personally, I believe it is worth your time to give this server a chance. Inventory and you This is the true Moat experience 2.1 Pressing i (hopefully you know where that is) will open up your inventory. This is where things get a little confusing for new players. To get things out of the way, you will keep everything in your inventory unless you use a one-time use item like a skin or a crate. The rarities of items are as follows: Worn(white) Standard(blue) Specialized Unique(purple) Superior Unique(pink) High-end(red) Ascended(yellow) Cosmic(green) Planetary(rainbow) Extinct(orange) items are unique and do not fall into any category. These are mostly items from events 2.2 Loadout Right clicking items in your loadout will bring up a list of options. Most of these are self explanatory, and you need to hold down the deconstruct button to decon an item so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deconning an item. You can also hold down ctrl and click items to deconstruct large amounts of items quickly. Be careful when you do this as you might accidentally deconstruct items you forgot to lock. Make sure to lock guns that you want to keep so you don’t accidentally decon them. It is a good idea to categorize things early so your inventory doesn’t become a cluttered mess. I would highly recommend holding onto any power-up you get such as grenades or these guys: (Anything that resembles that orb should be held onto, not just experience lover) 2.3 Market You can buy crates and stuff here. As I said before, 50/50 crates are good for new players as you can easily get good weapons. Until you get familiar with the game it is unwise to blow all your money on other crates unless you want quick cosmetics or models. *It is important to note that supposedly beginners (levels 1-20) have a higher chance of getting rare items from crates. I'm still unsure about the validity of this claim, but it might be worth your time to open crates. ** Confirmed that this isn't true carry on. ***Alright as it seems that new players have better RNG when it comes to things such as receiving high-ends or gambling. Again if this is misinformation please let me know so I can edit the guide 2.4. Trading Self explanatory. You cannot trade mid round, so it is preferable to trade after both you and the other person are dead. Usually there is not enough time to trade pre-round, and the trade can carry over into the start of the round. Also let the other player know (!pm command) that you are going to send them a trade request. As a new player, you are susceptible to being scammed. Make sure that you get second opinions on items you are buying or selling. You can join the discord to get items price checked (discord.gg/moat) or get help on the prices of items. If you believe you have something valuable always double check the price of it. 2.5. Gamble Where your money goes to die. Proceed through this tab with caution. You can already see an addict that has been hooked onto gambling. 2.6. Dailies Bounties are going to be your main source of money along with deconning items. There are guides for tips on how to complete certain challenges, but they are all self explanatory. I would not recommend torturing yourself with contracts until you get more experience in the game. The lottery is a money sink, and if you enjoy the server it is worth getting all the free rewards for quick ic. 2.7. Beta The beta tab is your opportunity to spend real money. If you enjoy the server, feel free to throw money at it. Why do I suck so much? You might stumble upon a situation where you are an innocent player and someone zips around a corner at the speed of sound and obliterates you before you can even react. You also might randomly explode or get knifed or die to a traitor trap. This is common for just about everyone on this server. Until you figure out what you are doing, this certainly will be a common experience for you. The first thing you need to do is get familiar with the rules. Read the F1 menu, F3 menu, and this handy guide https://moat.gg/community/topic/17292-ttt-guidelines/. It's good to keep these on hand, and as you play you will slowly begin to memorize all of the rules. Until then, expect to die a lot and be careful not to RDM (random deathmatch). Also read up on guides on how to play detective and traitor, and play around with every gun until you find something comfortable. Learn the recoil and range of a gun, and learn the difference between good and bad talents. You will only get better with experience unless you are already good at fps games. As both detective and traitor, you have a variety of tools to help you win the round. C is usually the default key for opening the traitor or detective menu. Here are my quick tips: Never stop moving. Someone who is standing still is an easy target for any traitor Trust nobody. The moment you turn your back to someone is when they'll blow your head off As a traitor, pick your fights carefully. Don't start blasting until you are ready for a fight. Use the custom binds in the F1 menu. The single most important one is going to be "(Name) is a traitor!" Mine is bound to Mouse3 (middle mouse click), but if you have extra buttons on your mouse you can use those as well. Why am I getting bugs (or lag)? Unless you have a NASA supercomputer, some maps will cause a lot of frame rate lag. A lot of players on the server will also cause frame rate lag. When players buy huge amounts of crates or decon lots of items it tends to cause a lot of lag. I have also experienced stuttering when joining a server and when a new round starts. Here are some bugs I’ve experienced and how I dealt with them: Invisible players, players stuck in a position or broken GUI: Type record fix; stop in console Permanent receiving inventory: Rejoin the server Fixing errors load bar stuck: Rejoin the server. If the problem persists, close gmod. If the problem continues to persist, verify the integrity of your game files (look it up). Gun skin changed? Visual bug, it will change back Gun invisible? Swap to your melee and swap back to your gun Can’t switch to my weapons? Rejoin the server (or an event round is going on). Can't drop my gun/talk in chat/ drop my ammo/ etc... Go to your options and go to the Keyboard tab Click use defaults If you have any custom binds, check to make sure that they are still there. WTF are people talking about? If you spend time on this server you’ll see some terms being thrown around that might make no sense. I’ll just list off all the ones I remember: RDM - Random Deathmatch. This includes things such as killing off suspicion (covered in F3 and the community guide) or killing someone for no reason as an innocent. Sweaty - That player who just bhopped around the corner and killed you in half a second would be considered sweaty. Toxic - A player who insults others, starts drama for no reason, and trolls would be considered a toxic player. High end/ascended/cosmic/planetary mutators - can be gained from deconning high end/ascended/cosmic/planetary items. You can gain high end stat mutators from crates as well but I am not too sure about the other mutators. The drop rate for mutators from deconning items is random, and each item rarity drops its respective mutator (High end item drops high end mutator). There are talent mutators which change the talents of a gun and stat mutators which reroll the stats of a gun. As a new player you might want to hang onto these or sell them until you get more experience and better guns. ***Feel free to throw in suggestions or any comments in the replies. *Thanks to ♥♥♥♥♥ Danky Waldo, Xenophilius, and Joker cards of 0 for the suggestions
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