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  1. I think this would be pretty cool honestly
  2. dont worry mate i already did, just dont really use it as much tho, but still maybe one day i will lol
  3. yeah i am, surprisingly no bones were broken, it just ripped a nerve from my spine, so my left arm is about 60% paralyzed, OT does suck, but hey im alive and can play games, im happy rn lol, see yah in game 😉
  4. Used to play a ton of Gmod 2 years ago, but broke my pc and had to stop 2 years later, one car hitting me in Feb, and now almost 25 i used my income tax to build a PC and get back into gaming to take my mind off of the whole situation and just chill with friends. Well i was surprised that my old server group completely shutdown, friends all disbanded and changed names, and moat.gg was on top now. Decided to join a server and play some TTT, as its my fav mode almost all my hours have been spent in it, and since that day have put almost 24 hrs into moat.gg servers, so since it appears im gonna be here for a while i decided i should at least say hi here to introduce my chezzy self 😉 Cheers and see you in TTT, youll know me from my 2006 xbox live mic you honestly cant miss the cancer lol. -theoriginalmres / TheChezzeMan
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