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  1. Aye its Dec !

  2. I'm afraid this is going to turn into a weapon that'll compete with our HUGE, so it's going to be fun to balance that's for sure.
  3. I think it's better we do something along these lines than adding them back at individual prices.
  4. I didn't really get the chance to play DOOM growing up. Reminds me of Unreal Tournament 2004, boy the kitchen fights back then.
  5. Card @ https://moat.gg/forums/projects/2-ttt-request-tracker/?card=21
  6. Dear everybody, The track record shows TTT servers are only possible because of our community. The advantages to us are our focus, suggesting more on fun above all else. We like that we do not care about the economy, and want what is best for all of us nerds out there. Most important thing to do right now is keeping sure you all are happy with where the community goes. So, Cole is stepping down from running our community and am now just an engineer, for all things Moat.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this epic equipment item! I'd like to roam around with it myself. I created a card to be done by April 10: https://moat.gg/forums/projects/2-ttt-request-tracker/?card=29
  8. We'll hit a stat or something and give it the extra talent back.
  9. Looking forward to playing on it with you! See you in-game~ <333
  10. I think it's time we get new end round music, heck anything would be better than the files from my computer.
  11. 1. You can shoot a private message to @wildmonkei or me, for now. (sorry) 2. We have a "trello-like" system Jerry rigged for the community to use for bug reports 3. Old posts are viewable from the archive, depending on if you're the author/contributed by posting.
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