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  1. Sup Europe family. I just rolled out a fix for this. If you come across any sort of bugs, issues or anything else, let me know.
  2. We display obfuscated email addresses on our website to prevent harvesting by bots and spammers, without visible changes to the address for human visitors. See this in action by viewing the page source at your profile, for example.
  3. We're going through thousands of compensation tickets over the next few days but we've created a card for this. You can track its progress here: https://moat.gg/community/ttt/todo?card=147
  4. What's this about my reputation ? @Old Sammy Boy | Mannco.trade
  5. cole


    We have good intentions. We will not ever intentionally remove an item without a good reason. We think the solo experience comes first.
  6. We hired a programmer with a medium level real-world programmer salary, but we did not require them to sign a contract. We did not take Garry's Mod as seriously as real life, but we learn and grow. The reality of the situation is the inventory anomalies stopped after we changed the MySQL username and password. What prompted us to change it was when we spotted blatant database abuse updating 1's to 2's or 7's to 4's. We took backups on December 27th, 2019, when we wiped, and October 28th, 2019. Around December, seventh is when the inventories started producing issues. We wiped inventories on December 27th, 2019. Today we have made it so that players receive items that we backed up from their inventory on October 28th, 2019 (if available), and from before the wipe on December 27th, 2019. Players between December 7th and December 27th that were missing items, that data is completely gone. It does not exist anymore. We gave the old programmer access to our servers while we were in a psychiatric hospital for a week. After we came home, we removed their access from everything since they were not under contract, but did not update the MySQL username and password used on the Garry's Mod server. We were unaware of our security hole for just under two months. We lost many inventory data in the process of learning how to hire programmers properly. We now automate daily backups of inventories and are releasing this security incident. We will grow and hire new programmers in the future. It all takes time. Stay cool.
  7. Hey family, We pushed a patch that fixes lag issues when mass deconstructing.
  8. TTT and Roles (brand new server) We are going to be bringing on insane new roles. We want to experiment with new roles and change the gameplay up on our server. We will be creating tutorials for these roles when they get added, via the F1 menu. Team: Traitor Wins if all members of the Innocent team are dead. Traitor Objective: Eliminate all members of the Innocent team. Special: Has access to Traitor equipment menu. Credits are given after killing Innocents. Hitman Objective: Must eliminate a specific target. The new target is given if the target dies. Special: Has access to Traitor equipment menu. Killing the wrong target deals half damage to all players. Hypnotist Objective: Spawns with a Brain Washing Device. (Defibrillator) Special: Revives any player and turns them into a Traitor. Team: Jester Wins if killed by any other player. Jester Objective: Wins when killed by any other player. Special: Deals no damage to others. This team appears as Jester to members of the Traitors. Team: Innocent Wins if all members of the Traitor team are dead. Innocent Objective: Survive the round. Special: Has no special abilities. Detective Objective: Searches bodies of players. All players can see and use the results found. Special: Has access to Detective equipment menu. Credits are given after identifying Traitors. Glitch Objective: Innocent, but appears as Traitor to members of the Traitors. Special: Cannot see who the Traitors are. Phantom Objective: Attackers are Haunted on death. Haunted players leave behind a smoke trail. Special: Revives as Innocent once the Haunted player is killed. Team: Swapper Swaps roles with any player who kills them. Swapper Objective: Get killed by another player then fulfill their old objective to win. Special: Deals no damage to others. This team appears as Jester to members of the Traitors. Terror City (TTC as you know) We will be focusing on using this server as testing grounds for new role additions before they are on our server like Jester, Hitman, and many others. Rule Breakers (a report system) Moat is your favorite family-owned business dedicated to keeping a family-friendly and safe environment for our generation's youth. We will continue to improve the speed and process of removing Rule Breakers from the server. If you are concerned about the safety of another individual, please send us an email at [email protected] Cole’s Inventory System (2020 dates) I didn’t like how intentionally deceptive other inventory TTT servers were, you know? They’d fake rare item rolls when rolling a crate just to place those unbelievable things next to what we got so that we would keep on opening loot boxes. That’s something, here at Moat, we do not support. May 5th - Cinco de Mayo Event Begins May 19th - Cinco de Mayo Event Ends June 2nd - Summer Event Begins June 29th - Independence Event Begins July 15th - Independence Event Ends Sep 4th - Summer Event Ends Oct 5th - Halloween Event Begins Oct 31st - Halloween Event Ends Nov 14th - Thanksgiving Event Begins Nov 26th - Thanksgiving Event Ends Dec 1st - Christmas Event Begins Dec 31st - Christmas Event Ends Free Moat Hoodie We're working on a comfy hoodie for all Moat Interns to receive as part of Moat's Internship program. More details are coming very soon, keep an out on your direct message inbox here. ❤️ Trust & Safety Specialists We recently upgraded our Customer Support platform and we’re in desperate need for European Customer Support time zones, and North American Customer Support time zones. Starting salary is 500$ usd per month. Moat Interns may apply for this position by sending Cole (this dude) a direct message through the community platform here. You must be over 18 years old to apply. Please shoot over your Resume/CV with your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone, and Location (City). Ticket responses may be delayed due to COVID-19. We respond as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.
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