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  1. Personally I do fell like we need some mutators in the store. By some I mean only high ends as they are much harder to find than any other mutator as everyone jump on to one to resell it at 10k (200% of the normal price) or just use it to actually mutate something, but as for cosmics and planetaries I think they should stay away from the shop as they are quite a high-powered items. Also let use mutate exticts with ascended mutator. Much love ❤️ -Beep Beep
  2. The think is you don't have to buy vip most people get it through trading or having moat.gg in there name will I feel like the 1000 ic per day for vip would be good .I do not think that the vips should get any support credit at least daily as they aren't promoting the server in a anyway. Also if you want to be socially accepted by this community VIP is recommended. Much love ❤️ -Beep Beep
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