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  1. @MProcks652 (moat.gg) "Hard Hitter" seems like a much more OP provident talent, imagine HUGE's with 45% more dmg with just 200 less rounds
  2. @Zedigy To an extent - the idea behind a "worse medicality" encourages camping because most of the players I've seen who have medicality usually wait until they're full HP before leaving T/D rooms etc.
  3. @Zedigy I think that idea sounds a little broken, and that it encourages camping along with medicality builds that draw out matches significantly.
  4. Well mCdolans, you acknowledged there is a problem with the current system of thinking regarding them and that alone proves that I'm not the only one to believe they need some form of rule regarding them.
  5. I started this with the idea of why flashes were even necessary - Then thought it would be unfair to all of the players that have them for it to be removed. There should be rules imposed for this- being randomly flashed by an innocent and in that small flash period, a traitor comes around a corner and kills the multiple people flashed without them being able to see where the shooting it coming from and can't even perform a basic KOS callout isn't fun. It should be considered trolling/griefing or maybe even a traitorous act worthy of a KOS'ing because in my time of playing, it's generally innocents throwing them to troll and it allows the traitors a chance to kill.
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