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  1. Except we didn’t know whether any action was going to take place because nobody told us anything and we were just left in the dark. That’s like the whole point of my post.
  2. That’s part of my point though, if even Jerry, the Community Lead, has no clue on what’s going on even 5 hours before a rollback took place then something is wrong. Better communication would have made this rollback x10 smoother. Hopefully Management actually starts communicating amongst eachother and then spreads this info to staff and the playerbase.
  3. The rollback was something that some people wanted and others didn't. This post is meant for future events similar to the ones we just experienced the past week and ways for the playerbase to be more accepting towards a wipe. 1. Communication Between Management and the Playerbase This is a big thing that led to much discontent with the rollback and generally how everything was handled regarding the series of glitches that led to the March Rollback. With the only announcement regarding the issue being from JPH and boiling down to "We are working on it, further updates will be posted in #announcements on Discord, listen to updates here instead of rumors." This is a good announcement and one that sets a good example of what a staff team should do during an event; however, no future updates ever showed up. Everyone was left completely in the dark as the playerbase was forced to resort to speculation rather than fact as not only did the players know nothing, but even other staff members knew nothing about what was going on. Wildmonkei, Head Admin on moat.gg admitted in Discord to not knowing a thing about what was happening with the wipe (attached below). When it gets to the point where even the Head Admin doesn't have a clue as to what is going on, then there is a problem. Players were not even notified that a rollback happened nor were they warned that one was going to happen. About 5 hours before the rollback, Jerry, the Community Lead, even went to say that there are no updates regarding the issue (also attached below). This was obviously false as not even a day later the rollback happened to the surprise of many. Essentially, this part just boils down to a lack of communication that led to confusion and speculation. If Management updated the community as things went on and the playerbase was notified on what was expected to happen, then this would not be a problem. However, because nobody was told anything and the rollback happened without any announcement, players reacted and were rightfully annoyed with the sudden action and lack of communication. 2. Doing a Rollback Sooner The server rolled back to March 17, 2020; this is a known fact. However, what does not make sense is the fact that this rollback did not happen until around 7PM on March 25, 2020. This is a whole 8 days of playing during a time where nobody has anything else to do but stay at home due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this extended break, players had much more freetime to play the server and were able to progress much faster than if it was just a regular day and they had to divert some time to school, work, or other daily events. This gave many players highly valued items between this break, many of which achieved this items legitimately. I for one was not affected by any of the inventory glitches, but I was still punished by the rollback by losing ~1 million IC worth of items. This was the most I've ever had and now I'm back to square one. This could have been seriously mitigated if Management did a rollback sooner, say maybe within 3 days. This would have given players less time to gain items that would inevitably be lost from the rollback. This also would not have been a problem if there was the aforementioned communication between management and the playerbase as the players would know that a rollback would happen soon and they would just stay off the server for a few days. However, neither of these things happened and players lost 8 days of items which really felt like a whole month of progress due to Corona Break. 3. Doing a Rollback Further in Time Now this might seem contradictory to my post, but rolling the server back a few days later would have been much better. For example, there are still glitched items on the server. They are not overpowered weapons like in glitches 2 and 3, but instead have the wrong stats, talents, and sometimes are just a completely different gun, a characteristic of the 1st initial glitch that started all of this. Now not only do players have weapons that are not what they originally wanted, but this still creates confusion as there is still no communication with players. For example, if the 1st glitch still happened, will the 2nd and 3rd happen later on? Will another rollback happen as there are still bugged items? Was the problem fixed or will it show up again as this is only a rollback? How did this glitch happen in the first place and how do we know it won't happen again? If Management communicated and if they also rolled the server back a couple more days in the past, say March 14th, then there would be less confusion and more people would be accepting of the rollback as they would get their weapons back to normal; however, this is not the case as people still have weapons with different stats, talents, and models from when they first unboxed/traded for it. In conclusion, the biggest point of my post is communication. Players should never have to go through an entire series of issues as large as the ones we just experienced with this little information. I hope Management reads this and takes this into consideration next time an event like this takes place as I seriously believe it would have made the playerbase much more content with the rollback. Please discuss and add contributions below. Criticism of my post is supported as I want for this to best reflect ways for the server to improve when handling situations like the set of inventory glitches that we just experienced.
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