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  1. Imagine a cz scorpion with crazy rpm but crazy kick at the same time like I’m talking highest rpm in the game like 2000 base rpm and 12 base damage I think it won’t be too unbalanced because of the major kick increase making it harder to hit shots and it might even implement horizontal recoil idk. But I think it would be really cool and a fun at the same time balanced weapon.
  2. Ok I’m about to just stop playing the game entirely because it is basically just run around and die because of my constant 300-400 ping this is the same case with the eu servers just please please I get so ♥♥♥♥ annoyed when I get a t round because I get one kill then die because I lag so much it takes 4 seconds to actually kill someone. And when I’m Inno and others are t on my screen it’s just a one tap every single time even with a temp it’s so unplayable it’s not even funny
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