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  1. So is there any plan of action yet for if half your guns talents are fucked/glitched/not working still???
  2. {KLZ}bobnot


    Just hold tight until it is fixed and i will give you a gun.
  3. well that post didn't age well 🤣 Really not worth playing at the moment. Watching people whiz around at 10,000mph as inno with a 96dmg sniper rifle with as fast as the server can recognise rpm with nothing to gain and making 20+ other people wait the full round out every round until time runs out isnt fun,balanced,fair or in the spirit of the game. Its just not fun and it certainly isn't fixed. Nothing wrong with hitting it lucky or earning an op gun but this crap has to end. Swallow your pride shut down the servers while you figure out a way to stop this ever happening again reset and do it again. Take the burn and wipe,refund the people that supported you THEN build. Dont limp on being stubborn it JUST doesn't make sense in the longrun.
  4. Hey sugar tits. dont give your stuff away I value you more than anything you own ... so obvs i win ❤️
  5. Fine at what cost? Source engine is limited oh dont doubt we could all play vanilla TTT with a crisp hitreg but who wants to play vanilla? The bells and whistles we love so much come at a cost and until HL3 and a new engine from valve drop then this is as good as it gets tbh its well beyond "fix the hitreg" This engine is performing well beyond its limits.
  6. Fair enough but i also left before there were any reactions or replies x
  7. I dont use binds they are too often abused and not often enough punished enough for misuse.
  8. I mean it wouldn't surprise me if a senior member of staff just visited the thread posted a sarcastic emote and no reply and that kind of breakdown in communication between players and staff is detrimental to the community.
  9. Its a 16 year old engine. If you are looking for a serious fps then gmod isnt going to be it lol its 50/50 shooter/rp
  10. Just get George back onboard tbh the staff need as big a kick up the arse as the players do. Its just not a fun place to play gmod as things are. Staff need the support and safety net to learn and players need a line layed down of what is acceptable. Its just a rudderless ship at the moment.
  11. No Its already too easy to get good weapons having loads of amazing weapons is no incentive to grind,level up junk weapons for crates,do the dailies.
  12. They are under powered, slow and too heavy to even be a viable secondary.
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