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  1. My post was not a sleight at the staff it was a comment on the fracturing and lack of communication across the board from players to staff of all levels and management and what could be done to bridge the gap. The servers and discord are in a terrible state the removing of the hc rule was a mistake it was badly implemented but to scrap it has proven to do nothing but lower standards across the board in my opinion. I was hoping to avoid the partisan scenario of staff backing staff players backing players and management just continuing to keep everyone in the dark. I was merely trying to open up the floor to other peoples ideas because right now it all feels pretty cliquey and im seeing a lot of people frustrated by it all. Ideas for bringing everybody together a bit something to build a bit more of a community vibe again.
  2. In-Game Name of Offender BeepBeep_lettuce Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:77786789 Date of Incident 04/13/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description Purp rdm and leave Evidence @TheWigglelord can confirm Attachments
  3. I get how short staffed the place is but recruiting en-mass only works if there is accountability. I just spent over an hour in a server watching a trial staff spam slay = delay every round from the moment they died whether it be 15 seconds into a round or 2 mins the only reason because they were dead and wanted new rounds to hurry. Not consistent,staff like or fair to players but this isnt a staff issue its a communication and rules issue from top to bottom. All partys need to better communicate from lvl 1 to management because right now its a bit of a mess.
  4. Communication between Staff,Players and Management is absolutely terrible right now there is a huge disconnect here that needs to be discussed and dealt with is it really so hard to spend a few minutes a week to write a paragraph informing players and staff alike of changes what is being worked on and just a general update once a week? I have never seen such a disconnect on moat as that which exists right now and it saddens me to see how badly things are being handled right now. Too many players dont respect the general rules of TTT any longer (why would they they dont have to) no repurcussions. Too many Staff are no longer the exception are and should know they have to rise above it and deal with things in a staff like manner rather than a join in with defending their buddies and pursuing personal grievances (why would they they dont have to) no repurcussions. Management have to take responsibility for a lot of this. The servers are toxic as all ♥♥♥♥ and it is nothing to do with what words are and arent allowed it really is a shitshow a shadow old the moat gaming i used to know. ---------------- just a couple of ideas i would love to know other peoples feelings on this... Appoint a couple of players representative somebody to just be able to try and guide,help,spec/unspec mode and open motd on players that need it. Just somebody that can say hey dont do that before staff are even required. (credible club?) Appoint a Staff lead that works closely with Staff that is independent of them is there to help mentor them and lets them know in no uncertain terms the standards that are expected of them with the power to take it further if needed. g And as i mentioned before regular updates from Management on what is being planned,How things are going etc as the silence is not a good thing. Add yours.
  5. {KLZ}bobnot


    Just hold tight until it is fixed and i will give you a gun.
  6. Hey sugar ♥♥♥♥. dont give your stuff away I value you more than anything you own ... so obvs i win ❤️
  7. Fine at what cost? Source engine is limited oh dont doubt we could all play vanilla TTT with a crisp hitreg but who wants to play vanilla? The bells and whistles we love so much come at a cost and until HL3 and a new engine from valve drop then this is as good as it gets tbh its well beyond "fix the hitreg" This engine is performing well beyond its limits.
  8. I dont use binds they are too often abused and not often enough punished enough for misuse.
  9. Its a 16 year old engine. If you are looking for a serious fps then gmod isnt going to be it lol its 50/50 shooter/rp
  10. No Its already too easy to get good weapons having loads of amazing weapons is no incentive to grind,level up junk weapons for crates,do the dailies.
  11. They are under powered, slow and too heavy to even be a viable secondary.
  12. They really aren't. Third time round from lvl 1 and the drop rates are no different. The drop rates on the valentines crates do certainly feel to be down tho but meh what's the point if everyone gets everything they want.
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