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Found 7 results

  1. As we all know, votekicking is becoming the norm on the server due to the lack of staff and as a result, a lot of people are abusing their power. A couple of things should be added to votekicking to make sure nobody is getting falsely banned. A comprehensive draft of the rules should be easily accessible via forums and in-game. If there is one, please link me to it. 1) Remove in-game votekicking or do not make the pop-up force you to choose an action. I don't know why this was ever an option if doing so is breaking the rules. I suggest you disable the function unless the round has ended or preparing. If not, have the pop-up come up on the left-hand side of the screen, stay there for a minute or two then make the potential kick. 2) Add more votekicking options, add an "Other" box where you can write the reason down. Trolling, MRDM, AtMRDM are really the only ones used correctly while the other two, Mic Spamming and Chat Spamming are always abused whenever someone just does something annoying. Adding a box for the reason when choosing AtMRDM or MRDM could also be helpful. 3) Instead of just votekicking for MRDM, if we could write a description we could paste logs in the votekick itself. This could also be a rule and prevent lots of false votekicking as taking a screenshot of logs really quickly and pasting it in the description of the ban could easily be a way of proving if a votekick was justifiable. Votekicking needs a rework. It could be a really helpful tool if used correctly and take a load off the staff's shoulder; right now, votekicking is wasted potential.
  2. These three guns are guns that I personally feel require an overhaul in their stats to make them worthwhile. --- Rifle Lovers : They have similar damage to a SG550 Lovers, meaning that both would be able to effectively two tap an individual if good enough. Yet the SG550 has a much higher firerate, the difference being about 100 in RPM. I feel that the rifle lovers should have either Increased Damage or Increased Effective Range to make it more usable, personally I lean towards the increased range. M16 Lovers : These guns are technically not "bad" in any shape or form, they are just mediocre as they have the same stats as a normal M16 would. RPM being identical and damage only being slightly higher than some M16s and similar to others. I believe a Increased RPM would do it well or maybe possibly a slight boost in Increased Damage. Shotgun Lovers : Shotguns in general are close-range weapons with semi-low RPM, to use them effectively you need to be able to get close to the enemy and shoot them, to do this you need good negative weight. This is not possible with shotgun lovers which has a (+35 to +15) weight stats. Now people will use the reasoning that "you can just switch on and switch off", but doing this in the middle of a firefight where you are incredibly slow makes you an easy target to kill. Against spray weapons where you have a range and RPM advantages, weight is the only thing that can counter that for the shotgun. Decreased Weight is what I want for these guns, moving it to the same as other lovers at the (-4 to +4) or maybe even lower at (-1 to -10). --- If you have other thoughts leave them in the comments.
  3. Hello! I'm suggesting a new assault rifle for the game this time. I felt the game could benefit from a new AR and after months of researching I think I found a good addition. Below I will first show the stats and then explain afterwards so try not to freak out. SCAR-L Damage: 21 [25 damage at 19.1% damage stat(not rounding up)] RPM: 720 [935 RPM at 23% RPM stat] Mag: 24 [31 max with max cosmic stat) Accuracy: Moderate (Similar to SG550 TE) Kick: Low-Moderate (Since it has high rpm higher kick would make it really tough to use) Range: Not sure Headshot Multiplier: 1.61 For most players this would be hard to grasp just looking at stats, for others they might see glaring problems but I will now explain the balance of this gun. The idea is that this AR would be fundamentally different than most ARs in the game. My way to do this was to design a UMP but for assault rifles. So this has on average higher damage, higher rpm at the cost of low headshot multiplier. I compared the stats to all similar guns and believe it to be perfectly balanced in my own opinion but of course that is up for other opinions as well. Damage It has 21 damage so 1 less than an M4A1 (Titan), this makes it so a cosmic one wont always 4 tap by default. It does however have 2 more damage than a UMP and 4 more than Famas. RPM It has about 70 more RPM than an M4A1 and 30 less than a Famas (By now you can probably see that this gun ride the line between a Famas and an M4) but it has 130 less than a UMP. Mag Pretty self explanatory, this gun has an abysmal mag stat to balance it out. For reference, the M16 has the lowest mag stat of the ARs at 24. Most have 30. Headshot This is the wild card that makes this gun different. While its stats are insane by default. It is far from being able to 2 tap head. The only other gun to do this is the UMP. At 1.61 headshot multiplier you would need a damage stat of around 22% and a Brutal talent at 20% which are both pretty high rolls. So yes it's certainly possible to 2 tap head but not very easy. And this isn't quite OP since Famas always 2 taps head at a higher rpm. So in essence using this gun is pretty much a debate on if you would want the high stats in exchange for lower performance in certain areas. It's easier to 4 tap and possible to 3 tap at high RPMs but you won't really be able to 2 tap people or kill a lot of people in 1 go since your magazine is limited. This also sets up the dynamic of good talents on it. Yeah you can get a Trigger on it, at that point you're using a Famas TE and you wont be able to 3 tap or 2 tap head. Get good rolls to 3 tap and you are basically using a beastmode but with the downside of a much lower mag and no 2 tap potential. In theory the talents that would make this gun op would be Brutal and Heavy (extended mag). It 4 taps easily and 2 taps with a good magazine but you're cutting yourself off from commonly good talents like sustained or trigger or vamp. I'm interested in what you guys think of it stat wise. Here are the 2 workshop links that have a Scar-L ready to go. I tested both of them and the first one feels much better and spawns more often on the ground but it looks a little out of place, the second one looks more normal but the ADS is really blocked, I don't think people would enjoy aiming with it. Also image attached with what the first one looks like and they are both low MB as moat dislikes addons with high MB. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1312086859&searchtext=scar+l https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=427338739&searchtext=scar+l
  4. literally the best mc map (also has the best fps out of all the mc maps) there is and for some reason its gone from the MC map pool can you please add it back moat okay thanks.
  5. I've seen the tool on a previous TTT server I used to play almost a year ago now, and that is the Thermal Vision Goggles. You buy it from the equipment shop as a Detective, and it shows up as a new item in your quickslot. When equipped you're shown holding a pair of binoculars on your player model, a green filter will show up over your screen, and players that are within a radius around you will show up with red highlights, with fellow detectives showing up as blue, even if they are behind walls. This can be used to spot anyone that is killed by a player behind a wall, so you can catch them in the act if they are not a innocent. The downside to this is that while you are using this tool, you are left without a weapon, like you are left without one while using any of the other detective tools like a DNA Scanner or Blink. You'd be vulnerable to anyone that decides to shoot at you while you are using this, and you'd have to switch back to your weapon quickly. You can find more info about the tool here https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/terrorpack-a-trouble-in-terrorist-town-weapon-pack
  6. For the Click/Juan Weapons, add Draw and Reload stat ranges.
  7. For us people who have many many event credits its a pain to have to rely on trust of people not wanting to be scammed because you cant physically trade an event credit, so my proposition is the following: 1) Make Event Credits tradeable by a) adding a physical token to trade b) and a little submenu in the trade to add as many event credits that you have and just have it transfer them out of your Event Credit balance and into the trading players Event Credit I feel this would make it a lot easier for us to exchange event credits. Below is a link to a strollpoll for the community feedback or just simply say this is good or bad in the comments, thanks everyone! https://strawpoll.com/r5wwerag
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