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Bounty Guide & Tips

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Note that, this guide is primarily for those under level 40 and those who struggle getting kills. You could think One Tapper is easy, just get a Springfield and go wild, I think the same- don't go flaming me, my guy.

Some guy on the Discord asked me for a list of every bounty so I thought I'd just make a guide if anyone needs it. 

Just some quick tips.

I recommend striving to finish the majority of bounties on traitor rounds and scrounging kills on innocent rounds (unless the bounty is required to be done on an innocent/detective round).

Also, try to synergize bounties together. For instance, if there is Demotion Expert and An Explosive Ending active on a server, try your HARDEST to achieve an Explosive Ending even if the kill amount seems impossible. Here's another example, if there is Detective Hunter and DNA Addicted active on the same server you know that as a detective you are at risk of dying any second of the game. A Disarmer could mean life or death or rather another hour of you trying to get a detective round to do this godforsaken bounty.

Marathon Walker - Go under a staircase or another location where your head is hitting an object everytime you jump while standing or crouching. Bind a key to this command: bindtoggle "moat_bunny_hop" to jump automatically (holding space). If you do this correctly under a tight spot, you should get a 400 step bounty done in less than a minute depending on your spot. Going up staircases at the right angle while using "moat_bunny_hop" can also give you your bounty fairly quickly.

Weapon Bounties - I don't recommend doing these unless you either have a decent Ascended+ weapon or an extremely good High-End and the bounty requires a low amount of kills. It's only 2000IC for a possible hour of grinding depending on your skill level. But self-explanatory, get kills with weapons. If you do decide to do this bounty, try to do them with an active contract for the same weapon.

One Tapper - Don't recommend this bounty either unless it requires a low amount of kills. Use a mossberg and a one-tap headshot secondary like a revolver, deagle or M1911. Best way to do this is to wait for people to stand still and just one tap them in the head and run away with Hermes Boots. 

Detective Hunter - For every 8 players, there is one detective. Think about that; if there are 8 people on the server and you need 11 detective kills, don't bother doing it until it fills up. Anyways, best strategy is to buy Hermes Boots and a Blink (depending what map you are on). Kill the detective, blink away. Make sure to do this quickly as everyone will be doing the same.

Bunny Roleplayer - Similar to the Marathon Walker bounty, find a staircase or similar location where you can hit your head everywhere you can jump. Make sure to take off bindtoggle "moat_bunny_hop".

Longshot Killer - I wouldn't bother doing this ever. To be honest, it's not worth the 2000IC or 2500IC or whatever the ♥♥♥♥ it is. If you do attempt, a springfield, M24 or SR-25 is obviously your best bet. moat plz buff IC reward

Close Quarters Combat - Simple enough- grab a shotgun or SMG and go fuggin' nuts. Watch your back.

Headshot Expert - Hard bounty depending on how good you are. Best strategy is to make sure your opponent is on level ground with you, aim for the head and spray them the fug' down with a tommy gun or any other high-fire rate weapon. Take advantage of still and AFK players.

Innocent Exterminator - Self-explanatory. No real tips to be honest, git gud.

Equipment User - DON'T BOTHER DOING THIS WITHOUT A CREDIT HOARDER. Seriously. It's not worth 5 hours for 3000IC. If you see someone drop a Credit Hoarder spam the fug' out of them until they sell you it. Aim for a Credit Hoarder with 3+ additional credits. The credits it gives rounds to the nearest whole number so if it were 3.49 more credits, it would give you 3 not 4. Use a command similar to "ttt_order_equipment 1; ttt_order_equipment 2; ttt_order_equipment 4; ttt_order_equipment 8; ttt_order_equipment weapon_vadim_blink" to buy everything with the click of a button. You can find the TTT names to items by checking F8 if you have bought them before and scrolling to each one or googling it.

DNA Addicted - Annoying. Fuggin'. Bounty. If you are detective, watch your back every single chance you get ESPECIALLY if there is a Detective Hunter bounty. I suggest using a Credit Hoarder with this bounty up to purchase Hermes Boots, a Portable Tester (to get a squad to protect you) and a Disarmer. You can get DNA off any dead body if the person who killed them was near by, grenades, primaries, secondaries, planted C4 (be careful of the time), Health Stations, Radios etc. The bounty requires DNA that leads to a traitor, dead or alive so if you find a traitor's body on the floor, disregard the DNA on their body and grab DNA from their weapons.

Demolition Expert - Wouldn't bother doing unless the kill amount is low. Use a Credit Hoarder and buy Mine Turtles and a Homing Pigeon. Dynamite or a Babynade (same thing, just reskinned) are also helpful. Don't fuggin' buy C4 or M4 Slams, those are hella annoying as they almost always kill T-buddies.

Anti-Traitor Force - Oof. One of the hardest bounties to obtain if you aren't very skilled. Easily done on detective rounds however. Try your ♥♥♥♥ off doing this. If the kill amount is 4 or above, I wouldn't touch this bounty.

No Equipments Allowed - Worst bounty. Don't attempt unless it only requires a couple of rounds. You almost always either have some innocent camping in the most obscure part of the map. If you are going to attempt this make sure you never buy items unless you HAVE to. Get a gun with Medicality and take the game slow.

Body Searcher - Simple enough. Lightweight weapons or weapons with the Lightweight talent and Marathon Runner synergize the best here.

Knife Addicted - Buy a knife, stab them. ttt_orange has knives up in the secret room which can be accessed with a Grappling Hook or Blink (not sure if exploiting, someone correct me if not). Many maps have easter eggs in which you can also get a knife making this bounty very easy if you can play these maps.

Health Station Addicted - Any form of self harm for the sole purpose of healing is considered metagame and is a bannable offense. Harming others for the purpose of them healing for this bounty is considered bounty helping and is also a bannable offense.

Melee Maniac - Actual worst bounty. Not gonna even touch this one. Syke. Lightweight weapons, weapons with the Lightweight talent, Marathon Runner, Hermes Boots etc. Try to obtain a high RPM melee weapon like the Baton.

An Explosive Ending - Wouldn't bother attempting to do if the kill amount is 5 and up. Ask a VIP to boost ttt_airbus_b3 and Jihad the starting room. Be careful, you can easily get banned if you don't give your T-buddies a warning and time to leave in TEXT chat. C4 also works in high density areas.

The A Team - Oof. Don't die. Take the game slow. Look for servers with very few people on. Very easy if you get RedBlue on your team or some motherfugger' with an overpowered weapon. If the game has under 8 people you can wipe the entire innocent team and get an easy round if you are skilled enough. Get a Credit Hoarder and buy everything possible.

Quickswitching Killer - This bounty is glitched and needs to be fixed; it states you need x amount of kills with y amount of weapons but in reality it just Professional Traitor but with only one weapon. To repeat. One weapon, x amount of kills. Try your ♥♥♥♥ off.

Professional Traitor - Tryhard mode. Most people can't rack up over 8 kills so don't attempt if your record for most amount of kills on a traitor round is eight kills. Just saying.

Clutch Master - I don't personally attempt this ever as when you kill everyone in the lobby (to get the most amount of kills), you save your T-buddies. Also, DON'T TRY TO KILL YOUR T-BUDDIES, that's PRDM and will catch you a ban. Like A Team, this bounty is easy with a few amount of people in the lobby. If you can take a 1v6, do it.

Double Killer - Wait for two people to line up, blast them away. Explosives are great for this

Bloodthirsty Traitor - Pentakills. Not too hard but if you aren't skilled enough, this bounty can be incredibly tedious if you don't have a good gun and get pne traitor round per map. Don't attempt if the amount required to complete the bounty is above ten rounds, too much work.

Airborn Assassin - Froghopper and a shotgun. Jump right behind them, blast them away. Tedious, however worth the 5000IC.

Here are some important items to have, I recommend looking out on #trading-room on the MG Discord for these items or paying attention to item drops.

Credit Hoarder - Best item. I always use this. You can buy a Radar (must have), Hermes Boots (replaces Marathon Runner), Disguiser (incredibly useful), Body Armor (lowkey Health Bloom), a Chickenade (spawns a chicken that you can kill and eat for 35 health ON TOP of your base 100), a Sandwich or Blink and after you use your Chickenade, a Homing Pigeon, Knife or Silenced AWP.

Froghopper - Almost necessity for the Airborn Assassin

High Damage Mossberg - Incredibly useful, aim for a mossberg with 20+ damage and Trigger Finger for its first talent.

Flame Retardant - Useful when there is a Demoltion Expert or An Explosive Ending bounty active. Dying to T-buddies is annoying, trust me.

Secondary Weapon with Medicality - Any secondary, any, with a Medicality talent that heals every time under 1.5 seconds should be kept. Incredibly useful.

Lightweight Weapon or Weapon with Lightweight Talent - A musthave for certain bounties. Running at the speed of light is a godsend.

Marathon Runner - Similar to Lightweight weapons or weapons with the Lightweight talent, having more speed is useful for many bounties.

Every Base Weapon - Not only is having one of every base weapon useful for specific weapon bounties, it is also useful for Contracts.

That's pretty much it. Let me know if I missed a bounty. I'll update this thread everytime I have a new tip for ya'll struggling players.

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Pretty useful guide, great job.

That airbus suggestion is a little concerning though lol.

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3 minutes ago, IcyMonarch said:

That airbus suggestion is a little concerning though lol.

Couple warnings, five seconds is all you get when I go for that bounty. 


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On 4/21/2018 at 3:36 PM, ♡ Madman ♡ said:


An Explosive Ending - Wouldn't bother attempting to do if the kill amount is 5 and up. Ask a VIP to boost ttt_airbus_b3 and Jihad the starting room. Be careful, you can easily get banned if you don't give your T-buddies a warning and time to leave in TEXT chat. C4 also works in high density areas.


or just be on the same server as me as I got a bind to boost airbus and "accidentally" touch it a lot

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On 5/9/2018 at 6:39 AM, -[HGEN]-Jacob said:

The credit one is the easiest unless you play without buying anything 

You don't always have good T-buddies and Detective rounds are rare. It an extremely easy bounty but can be tedious and time consuming.

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