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[Complaint][Sapphire [Moat.gg]][Not Paying]

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In-Game Name of Offender:

Sapphire [Moat.gg]

SteamID of Offender:


Which server was this on?:

TTT Minecraft #1

Date of Incident:


Report Reason:

Not Paying

What Happened:

We made a versus for my 2 cosmic talent mutators for Napoleons inventory that he had just lost to Sapphire and he agreed, I won and asked if he wanted to double or nothing for his Bonds double Friend and he said yes. I won again and we went to trade and he said it was gone during map change. He relogged and it was still gone. I told him to make a ticket and he said he would, when i asked later he said he had made it, but when i looked today i saw that he hasnt. I asked him on steam and he logged out or blocked me either way idk.

Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?:





Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?:


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Sapphire (STEAM_0:1:39052466) has chosen to leave the community for good therefore they will be given a permanent ban and an inventory wipe as they cannot pay the full versus due to quitting.

Closed and Moved to ban requests

Edited by Sir StabbyFork (see edit history)

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User has been banned. Thank you for the report.

Closed and Archived.

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