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Resource Pack (Fix All Errors/Missing Textures)

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If you already have CSS mounted and are still seeing missing textures or errors, feel free to use this resource to solve that issue completely. We've created a .zip file of our workshop collection compiled into a single addon that will be updated when new content/resources are added. You will need to re-download and update your addon whenever new resources are added. (shouldn't be often)


Please click here if you wish to download the latest resources pack. 

To apply it, extract the .zip file into your Garry's Mod /addons folder and restart your game.

In-depth instructions:

  1. Navigate to your Garry's Mod /addons folder.
  2. Drag and drop the moat-resources-master folder into the /addons folder.
  3. Restart your Garry's Mod.

When finished, your addons folder should have the moat-resources-master folder containing the resources. (materials, models, particles, sound)


(you are not required to download this to play)

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Christmas Smokes still Weird :(

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On 6/23/2018 at 3:36 PM, Riddler251 said:

I did this, and yet I still see Error textures. am I missing another resource pack?

Do you have CSS/TF2 mounted?

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6 hours ago, Weeb [moat.gg] said:

It wont lemme extract it



can someone help

Attempting to help him, CSS is his issue

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Idk if anyone has textures that are completely missing (like invisible) but that was a problem for me and I'm pretty sure the fix is clearing your cache in the GMOD folder. That worked for me anyway.

To clear cache Go to program files > Steam > Steam Apps > common > GarrysMod >  garrysmod > cache > and then delete the lua folder

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Updated for Hype Crate

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