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Resource Pack (Fix All Errors/Missing Textures)

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On 6/23/2018 at 3:36 PM, Riddler251 said:

I did this, and yet I still see Error textures. am I missing another resource pack?

Do you have CSS/TF2 mounted?

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6 hours ago, Weeb [moat.gg] said:

It wont lemme extract it



can someone help

Attempting to help him, CSS is his issue

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Idk if anyone has textures that are completely missing (like invisible) but that was a problem for me and I'm pretty sure the fix is clearing your cache in the GMOD folder. That worked for me anyway.

To clear cache Go to program files > Steam > Steam Apps > common > GarrysMod >  garrysmod > cache > and then delete the lua folder

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Guest RPS440

hey how do you extract  a file? im compleatly lost....

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