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TTT Guidelines

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General    (Definitions for most of the terms can be found lower down)

  • If someone does something on your account, we treat it as if you did this action. Your account = Your responsibility.
  • RDM is not allowed. Ensure you have a valid reason to kill people.
  • Do not kill off of suspicion, even in Overtime.
  • You may not kill an AFK until Overtime. If the AFK you kill turns out to be innocent, you can still be killed for this.
  • You DO NOT have to ask someone if they are AFK before killing them during Overtime. You SHOULD ask if they have moved, but you do not have to.
  • Ghosting of any form is never tolerated.
  • Metagaming is not allowed.
  • Helping other players complete bounties is not allowed.
  • Do not exploit the map.
  • Prop Surfing is allowed, so long as you do not utilize it to access areas of the map that ARE considered "exploiting".
  • Exploiting items, trading, gambling, or etc is not allowed.
  • If you are AFK, don't try to get around the AFK system (farming playtime/items).
  • Intentionally scamming is not tolerated.
  • Do not trade any in-game items for something out of the game.
  • Keep items & IC on the accounts they were earned on.
  • Do not hack or cheat.
  • Don't attempt to crash the server.
  • Don't spam in voice or chat.
  • Don't harass other users.
  • Trolling is not allowed. Basically use common sense and do not be annoying on purpose.
  • If your name or profile picture is inappropriate, it should be changed.
  • Names should have at least 3 consecutive English letters, so it can be pronounced. 
  • Your name shouldn't make the game confusing (Ex. someone "kos someone" or traitors "kos traitors").
  • You may claim a room in Overtime, but you MUST announce it in chat AND give a single warning when someone enters the room before KOS.
    (You may only claim rooms of reasonable size, they cannot have more than 1 entrance/exit (traitor doors count) and cant serve a function such as a tester)
  • You are allowed to kill someone who is door blocking or following you after 3 warnings, IN CHAT, 5 seconds apart (SEE "15 Second Rule" BELOW).
  • Don't T/Karma bait (acting like a Traitor when you are not one).
  • If a player doesn't take damage from a Traitor's explosives, that is NOT a valid reason to KOS them. That's only a valid suspicion.
  • Blackmailing is not allowed, this goes for reports, trades, and private information.


Traitor Specific

  • Don't give away the identities of your T buddies.
  • Don't kill your T buddies.
  • Don't intentionally let innocents into the T rooms.
  • Don't delay the round unnecessarily. Camping in the corner doesn't do anything! Actively try to kill the innocents.
  • Working with the innocents/detectives is not allowed.


Detective Specific

  • Randomly disarming other players is considered trolling. You may only disarm with reasonable suspicion/reason.
  • You cannot KOS someone for not testing.



  • Votekicking rules: https://moat.gg/forums/topic/5098-vote-kick-rules/
  • Don't votekick for something that would be better to be dealt with by staff (RDMing once, being annoying, or just being AFK).
  • Do NOT votekick if there is a Staff Member on.
  • You MUST @Staff yourself in our discord #help channel BEFORE initiating a votekick!
  • Breaking these rules can result in your privileges being stripped!



  • Hateful Conduct
    • Any word used hatefully or inappropriately.
    • Any "inside joke" that may or may not be taken offensively.
    • Any attempt to put another person down.
    • Anything else a staff member might consider hateful conduct.
    • Any of the above done towards a player on any other service/platform.
    • The staff has discretion here. If it is deemed hateful, and you are warned - stop.
  • KOS
    • Kill on Sight - This is a call to kill the specified player as soon as they're seen. 
  • Killing off of Suspicion
    • Killing a player because they might be a traitor.
  • Association
    • You are near a traitor killing players, and not acting to stop them. Another example is AFKs near dead bodies, where it is clear a traitor left the easy target alive (for obvious reasons).
  • The "15 Second Rule"
    • You are allowed to kill someone for door blocking or following you ONLY after you have given them a warning in chat, with their name in the warning, THREE TIMES, with 5 seconds between each warning. If they continue after the third warning, you may kill/KOS them.
  • Scamming
    • This includes, but is not limited to: keeping an item from a temp-trade, giving an incorrect price for an item, or tricking a user while trading. Both parties should also be made aware of actual item values in all trades.
  • AFK
    • Away From Keyboard - This means that you are not actively playing the game. Standing still for a few seconds doesn't count as AFK.
  • Metagaming
    • Not playing the game the way it is meant to be played in order to complete an alternate objective.
  • Ghosting
    • Communicating outside game/ PMs, giving game knowledge that would affect game-play.
  • RDM
    • Killing someone because they killed you the previous round.
    • KOS'ing off of a player's model.
    • KOS'ing off of a player's weapon.
    • KOS'ing off of a player's location.
    • KOS'ing someone for shooting at a wall/testing their weapon.
    • KOS'ing someone for standing in a doorway (Read 15 second rule).
    • KOS'ing someone for following you (Read 15 second rule).
    • KOS'ing someone before asking them to ID a body. Exceptions
    • KOS'ing someone because they won't test.
    • KOS'ing someone because they didn't take damage from a Traitor's explosive.
  • Rightful Kills
    • They shot [at] you or someone else.
    • They murdered an innocent. (Please ask to ID body)
    • Someone else KOS'd them.
    • They have a traitor weapon out.
    • They're the ONLY person in a tight space that could have killed an innocent or shot in the space.
    • They're destroying innocent or detective equipment.
    • You have DNA on the player and are 100% it's them in a group of people.
    • They did any damage to you AT ALL (even 1 damage is KOS).



Attempting to get around a punishment can result in a worse punishment being put onto you.

Full Staff/Rules roster is located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QjWeUtnkjmRiKJ6ILH-dBSC9lmikGiW8tEjXqXPMcNs/edit#gid=0


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