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Mato Kuroi

TTT: How to be an effective Traitor

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Hello! I'm Syndicate and I am here to teach you on how to be an effective Agent of the Government in the world of Terrorists in the Moat Universe!

1. Use your desired loadout!

If you're a guy who's expert at close combat, be sure you use guns that is effective on close range shootouts (Shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifle, etc.), and if you're a master assassin who is skilled on taking out terrorists from a safe distance, use long-range weaponry such as snipers or any guns that has high range stats and excellent accuracy!

2. Pick your power!

If you have power-ups, be sure to equip one of them! There are 9 power-ups in total.
Health Bloom - If you want to live longer, equip the health bloom power-up to increase your max health! (best equipped if you have sustained or any lifesteal talents in your gun)
Cat Sense - If you have guts to rush a guy below you, use the cat sense to decrease the fall damage that you'll take! (although it might be stupid to jump off...)
Credit Hoarder - Most useful if you're a Traitor, using this power-up will give you extra credits at the start of the round! (If you're a c4 spamming ♥♥♥♥♥ then go ahead and use this.)
Experience Lover - Well, this would be useful when you want to get some more experience for your weapon to level up faster. (Especially if you're a T, since you get more kills than innos.)
Froghopper - If you want to reach higher areas then this power-up is your choice, equipping this will increase your jump height. (Admit it, you just want to be Mario...)
Flame Retardant - This power-up can save you from death, using this will reduce the damage dealt by fire and explosions. (I suck at explaining this one.)
Hard Hat - Always afraid of getting shot in the head? Then hard hat will protect you by decreasing the damage dealt to the head! (why wear a hard hat when you have a thick skull?)
Marathon Runner - Wanna rush in to the battlefield or just run away from a horde of angry terrorists? Use the marathon runner to increase your move speed! (be sure you have a gun that is pretty light and has a lightweight talent. And don't forget to wear a flash costume.)
Ammo Hoarder - Having trouble getting ammo? then worry no more! Use ammo hoarder to start your round with more ammo! (you might need to use that if you're in a map with no ammo)

3. Buy appropriate equipment!

Be sure you have to buy stuff in your T menu such as armor, radar and boots (which is the most basic setup). and if you have extra credits, buy other equipment that could help you in your success(and by other equipment, I mean c4s... lots and lots of c4s...).

4. Time your attacks!

I know that time is gold on this server but remember, rushing things is a bad idea. Take your time making a strategy before you make an attack. (But don't ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ delay, it's also bad)

That would be it for now. I'll add more if I can think of more things to add on this tutorial. :3

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